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My Favorite “How To” Posts from the Last 12 Months

I decided to take a look at the past year and see just what I’ve been up to for the past 12 months.  I found that it’s very true, I HEART vinyl!  One of my stand out favorite vinyl creations is my craft room garbage can, but it didn’t make my top 12 of how to’s.  Something else beat it for that month.  You can still check it out here PART ONE and here PART TWO because I think you’ll think it’s cute.  Well, let’s jump in our awesome crafty time machine and jet back to the past 12 months.  (boo do dah boo do dah boo do dah…that’s my time travel music).


How to Laminate Using the Your Story Machine


Sizzix Star Fabric Flower Magnet

MARCH 2011

Easter Basket Blog Hop – Floral Easter eggs and Basket

APRIL 2011

Vinyl Canvas Spring Rabbit from Cricut Kate’s ABC’s

MAY 2011

How to – Print & Cut on Avery Clear Decals with Cricut Imagine

How to – Print & Cut on Avery Clear Decals with Cricut Imagine

JUNE 2011

How to – Heat Transfer Vinyl Blog Blog Blog Shirt

JULY 2011

How to – Cricut Independence Day Vinyl Water Bottle


How to – Horchow Asian Blocks Knock Off Vinyl, Wood Blocks & Paint


How to – Make Clear Sticker Sentiments from Craft Stamps – Halloween Tubes


How to – Make Yarn Pom Poms


How to – Make Peppermint Stick (looking) Tealight Candles


How to – Christmas Cards with Tim Holtz Rosettes

I’ll see you soon for a new crafty post!

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  1. And I enjoyed everyone of them. Thanks . Hope you and your family have a Happy New Year!!!!!

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