Meet the author

Hey Y’all, I’m Joy!

I’m a Southern girl, living the quilting, crafting, creative life with my husband and dogs in the “sort of” country.

Quilting & Sewing

Quilting and sewing are crafts to be shared. They can warm your heart, soul and body in the giving, making and receiving. What could be better? Here are some tutorials, tips and ideas that I hope will inspire, help and bring you joy.

Joy’s Studio News

Coming to my studio in about a month, and I’m so excited … is a Bernina Q24 Longarm with Qmatic on the 13′ Large Pro Frame. I’m looking so forward to sharing my studio progress with you, along with offering Longarm quilting!

If you are new to Longarm quilting, this is the Bernina Q24 Longarm. If you’re new to Joy’s Life, this is me!

Also, hilariously … that picture of the quilt block floor … is my studio bathroom. We spent the last year building our new home in the “almost country” and a studio for the Longarm. I’m so happy to see it all come together! Now, I can get back to creating and sharing again!

DIY Craft Ideas and Tutorials

If you love paper, paint, vinyl, die cut machines, laser cutters, svgs, crafts in general – you’ve found it.

Food & Recipes

Desserts, Drinks, Main Dishes and more to satisfy your desire to eat something yummy or drink something drinky.

Celebrate the Holidays

Let’s party! These holiday categories help contain specific occasions, but let nothing contain your creative passion and joy!