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Cricut Gypsy Wanderings Skeleton Bones Treat Bag

As much as I enjoy my Gypsy I rarely use the Gypsy Wanderings digital “cartridge” that’s included with the Gypsy.  Well, I used it today!  I made that skull topper with it!  I’m actually pretty thrilled to rediscover that cart.  It has a whole border function I’ve never used.  It’s so nice to rediscover something I already own. 😀


Among the tools I used are the awesome Tiny Attacher stapler (woo hoo), my Gypsy, a cello bag from Stampin’ Up, Scooby Doo graham crackers shaped like bones and some silver contact paper.  Contact paper can be used like vinyl, but it’s not the same quality or thickness.  It’s overly sticky and can leave a residue.  My suggestion: if you want to use vinyl, use vinyl.  I only bought this to give it a try but I do super love the metallic silver. 😉  Yes, I’m still using that Pazzles mat that I cut down as a test.  LOL!

The Gypsy is a great help when it comes to saving materials.  Why?  Because it allows you to lay everything out so that you aren’t cutting all over the place.  YAY to that. 😉  I know I told you that the border is from Gypsy Wanderings, but I got the skeleton body from the Cricut Oct 31 cartridge.

Weeding this contact paper with these tiny images, like the ribcage was a PAIN!  That’s why I heart vinyl.  It’s easy to work with and the right material for the job. 🙂  It all worked out, but it took 2-3x the time.

I used the tiny attacher to staple the topper as a closure for the bag.  Then I used my ATG gun to help me glue the skull topper down.  I like to do that to cover the staples.  I don’t like seeing staples…that’s just me.

I hope you like this creepy but tasty treat!

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  1. scottandcarr says:

    Thanks for another great idea!! I teach all day, so it’s fun to come home and LEARN something from you!!! We should never stop learning, right?

  2. love this treat bag.. i love how you put the design on the bag too.. great job

  3. You must be exhausted – 31 days of ideas + postings! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us! I can’t wait to see what you come up with for Christmas — Luckily there are only 12 days to that song!

  4. Oh wow I can see why this weeding was hard work but the end result is brilliant.
    Kim xXx

  5. Cute treat bags! I love the cookie bones! Thanks for sharing!

  6. finecrafter says:

    Love these treat bags! I like the cookie bones! I’m making some for my kids to bring to school, they don’t look this good! I’ve never seen silver contact paper I’ll have to look for it (don’t have any silver vinyl). I just bought the tiny attacher last night and I can’t wait to use it!

  7. love the skull and cross bones..lol ty for sharing your ideas..Lynn

  8. Cute treat package! Love the metal skulls.

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  9. Christine says:

    Each day I learn something new from you. I can’t wait to make time to try some of these ideas. Great Treat Bag!

  10. clairbear3 says:

    Love the skull and cross bones! Yet again another great idea by YOU!

  11. Very cute. I rarely use my Gypsy (screen too small for me), so I forget about the neat images on Gypsy Wanderings.

  12. SugarChix says:

    I love the “bag of bones” with the skeleton!! Such a cute idea!!! I think the carts that came with the Gypsy are some of my favorites…. even though I just got my G one week ago today. LOL! Thank you for sharing your ideas and inspiration!

  13. I have a couple of Pazzles mats that I cut down – works perfectly! 🙂 I have their embossing mat and tool also, but haven’t been brace enough to try them out. I wouldn’t have thought to use contact paper – but from your description, perhaps I should stick with metallic vinyl?

  14. CathyinMN says:

    Great treat bags. I bet the kids will love them.

  15. I so *heart* vinyl and your Vinylology DVD! Both are super fun!! This is the cutest project, I love it. It is perfect for Halloween goodies for the Trick -or-Treaters!! Thanks for the great ideas

  16. jsdobmeier says:

    scooby bones and skeleton bones. awesome.

  17. So contact paper might be ok for more simple cuts. Kathy

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