10 New Cricut Cartridges Announced!!

I love it when new cartridges are announced!!  It’s so exciting!!  Which one are you most excited about getting?

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  1. jodycmoore says:

    Create a critter looks so adorable, and robots, and summer in Paris….oh shoot, they are all amazing!!!

  2. I must say I’m a little disappointed…I didn’t check out the cake ones, but I’m not too impressed. The critter one is very babyish and has a lot of the same things the zoo one has. My community already has a lot of nursery rhyme items in it (I love making paper puppets on tongue depressors with them) and even though the the new nursery rhyme one is more in depth…not that impressed.
    I would LOVE to see a food cartridge come out. One with bbq items, garden foods, fruits, breads…you name it. Soooo many of the events I scrapbook involve family which usually means food too. With all the layer keys you could have so many food items on one cartridge! Just think of the possiblity!
    Thanks for sharing the latest news Joy! I love checking in on your blog 🙂

  3. chriswooten57 says:

    well i have not had a chance to go check them out yet. i just found your blog yesterday. I love it. i am off to check out the new cartridges.

    I do not need any birds, butterflies, animals, etc….i hope there are so fun shapes in these.

    i am a new follower of your blog. i sure hope i win your blog candy, heheheh
    [email protected]

    1. Hey Chris, 🙂
      From most of the comments I’ve gotten on Facebook and other places everyone is really loving Create a Critter. I’m excited about Robotz. That’s really cute and different. 3D robots are calling to me, LOL!

  4. chriswooten57 says:

    thanks joy. i did check out the new cartridges. i know i said i had enough birds, but the straight from the nest has really got me wanting it…

    i also want holiday cakes, elegant cake and birthday cakes,…so i guess it just goes to show we still cant get enough of the birds, lol.

    i have lots of 3 birds papers, etc…..

    i have not tried those stamps you are giving away. i need to get some of those too.

    [email protected]

  5. I think the critters one is cute, and I want the solution cartridges. I love the decorations on the cake ones but I probably won’t get those until I have all the others I want first. Not sure about the robotz one. The only boy in my family is one nephew who is 18. The rest of us have all girls.

  6. I love the Summer in Paris cartridge. My kids just visisted there this last week so it is perfect for there pages. I just found your blog and I lve it. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you Bigzburg!! I’m glad you’re here! 🙂

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