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Glass Block Decorated Using Gypsy & Cricut

I had fun making this today!

This whole project started because I bought these orange lights at Halloween and didn’t use them.  See, I needed a smaller set of lights so they would fit in these things I have in my kitchen, but I bought this huge set of like 250 lights or something and I couldn’t cram them into the kitchen thing no matter how much I tried.  So, basically I waited too long to return the lights and instead of cutting my losses, I bought a glass block to cram them in and then built a project around that.  I never learn.  The worst part?  I have another box full of those lights.  Guess there’s another glass block in my future huh?

Now shall we stare at the side view?  I think so.

Wanna Know How I Did This?  Sweet!  I was hoping you would ask.

  1. I bought the glass block at Hobby Lobby. (It’s hollow inside…the block is, not Hobby Lobby.  Hobby Lobby has a chocolate center.)
  2. I cut a little slit in the rubber stopper that’s in the bottom of the glass block so I could fit the stopper around the light strand and plug it in.
  3. I plugged it in and stared at my new creation called, “Lights Crammed in Glass Block.”  I let that sit for a few days as “art”.  Then I realized that “Lights in Glass Block” is only art in the mildest form…so I started planning how I would decorate it.
  4. I used the Cuttlebug Maple Leaf combo Die Set in my Big Shot.  It’s a die that you run through an embossing machine that cuts out, in this case, a Maple leaf.  After you cut out the leaf, you place it in an embossing folder of the same shape and it embosses the leaf.  Very Cool.  So, I did that for all the leaves.
  5. I used several different (basically black, brown and white) Colorbox catseye chalks to ink each leaf so the embossing would show up better.
  6. I created the Happy Fall Yall sentiment on my Gypsy using the A Childs Year Cricut cartridge for the font.
  7. With the Gypsy, I was able to weld all my letters together and then cut them out on my Cricut Expression.
  8. I used the Deep Cut Blade (blue) and a disassembled cereal box to cut out “Happy Fall Yall”.  So cool!  The cereal box cardboard worked GREAT!  Sadly, I had no luck cutting actual chipboard.  So, I had to use the cereal box backup.  I’ve got to practice more with cutting chipboard.
  9. I cut “Happy Fall Yall” in 2 sizes so I could do that shadow effect.  I applied cardstock over the final cuts using Zip Dry.  That stuff is AWESOME!
  10. I taped some black velvet ribbon around the sides of the block.  Really…I just used Scotch tape and taped it on at the bottom.  Simple!  Oh and I found that ribbon when I was cleaning out a drawer in my dresser the other day.  Weird.
  11. Then I just used some pop dots to stick the leaves and sentiment to the block.
  12. I pop dotted some leaves to the top and….
  13. TA DA!!!  I plugged it in and I was finished.

Honestly, the only reason I used paper, tape and pop dots on this project was because I planned to disassemble it after Thanksgiving and either do a vinyl design or glass etch the block for Christmas.  However, DH likes it so much, he wants to just put it away as is! This means I have to go to Hobby Lobby and buy another glass block.  Woo hoo…a trip to Hobby Lobby!!!

Now Go Make Some Glass Block Art!!

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  1. Wow that’s amazing!! I’m going to look for these the next time I’m at HL. I want to make a Christmassy one.

    1. Thanks Gale! I want to do a Christmas one too! They’re fun to make!

  2. scottandcarr says:

    That’s beautiful! I get SOO many ideas (maybe TOO many??? Nah, no such thing as too many!) from your site!

  3. NCScrapper says:

    Too Cute. I love it!

  4. your writing style makes me more happy than your craft style! thanks for all the fun reading and ideas

  5. I love this! Went a picked up a glass block yesterday at Hobby Lobby with my coupon!

  6. Really cool! What a compliment that DH likes it enough to keep it together and not recycle it.

    One of these times I’ll be brave and try this project. 🙂

  7. This is so very pretty and I love the idea that it is a lighted decoration for fall. Love it!

  8. I am making mono-grammed ones for Christmas gifts this year.

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  10. This is adorable. Wish HL was closer(50 miles away) guess I may have to make the trip and buy several to make it worth the time. Thanks for the great idea, these just may be gifts. Great work.

  11. helen4211 says:

    I didnt realize you could get the blocks at Hobby Lobby…I’m gonna be making some for Christmas but I think I will try this one out too. [email protected]

  12. This is very very cute. I was just at Hobby Lobby yesterday and I guess I will be going back. lol Cute idea about monogramming too.

  13. lindapena2000 says:

    I heart this idea! Sadly we do not have a HL in our city. Do you know if the blocks are available at Michael’s? I definitely want to re-create this!

  14. This block is awesome!! Love the colors, I guess I am going to have to find one of these blocks although I do not have a hobby lobby near me. Thank you for sharing.
    [email protected]

  15. I think this is one of my favorites! My parents gave me a Christmas themed block years ago, so a few from other seasons would be perfect! I didn’t know they were relatively easy to create.

  16. OMG!!! I never could justify buying the Glass Block at Hobby Lobby everytime I would see them….Now I can, extra lights from Christmas, so this would be a perfect project…..to justify my purchase to the Hubby….

    Thanks Joy!!!!

  17. What a way to make lemonade out of you lemon of a situation!

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