There It Is Again Thursday – Tim Holtz GIVE AWAY

If you didn’t see it last year, we’ll just pretend it’s new.  LOL!  Here are some posts from last year that I wanted to share again.  If you’ve seen them before then maybe a GIVE AWAY will help you forgive the repeat. 😉


Do you heart this?  It was fun to make.  I used paper, chalk and a Cuttlebug die + a glass block.  Wanna make it?  CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL POST AND MORE INFO.

Are you thinking, “I know I’ve seen glass block done with vinyl.  I want to know how to do that.”?  Is THAT what you’re thinking?  Well, I actually do a project with vinyl and glass block in my Cricut Vinylology DVD!  Say what?!  Yes.  It’s true!!  CLICK HERE FOR CRICUT VINYLOLOGY DVD INFO.


Friends, I made this invitation last year and it was a SUPER HIT with ye ol’ family.  I was THRILLED.  It also got into the Cricut Chirp, for which I was also thrilled.  However, nothing beat hearing that the invitation made it to the top of my sister-in-law’s fathers piano.  THAT was high praise.  Here’s the post that explains how I made it.

I hope you all have a wonderful time preparing for your holiday traditions no matter how or what your family celebrates.  You never know what a difference your simple (or elaborate) hand crafted items might make to someone.  Don’t be afraid to share what you create.  Be bold. 😉


Here’s a crafty give away for something I just recently started using and LOVE!!!

I heart these Tim Holtz Tonic Studios scissors!  They’re great!

For this Give Away, I want you to tell me your favorite post from September or October of this year OR last.  You can see everything from month’s past by going to the “ARCHIVES” drop down menu on the left.  I’ll choose a winner on October 28 30, 2010.   WOO HOO!


# maryanneross Says:
October 21st, 2010 at 6:00 AM e
You inspire me to come home from a long day of teaching and make stuff Joy, thank you! I am going to do the spiders and vinyl ‘creepy’ in my economy size bottle of hand-sanitizer for the classroom…….muuuuhahahahahaha

DON’T FORGET … At the end of October, I will pick 5 winners who’ve left a comment on any non-give away post on Joy’s Life during the month of October. Those 5 winners will win some crafty surprises. So, you can leave a comment on all the give away posts AND on non Give Away posts and still have a chance to win!

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  2. always_painting says:

    I really LOVE the post you did about using ink with the cuttlebug folders. I LOVE my cuttlebug folders and using ink with them makes me LOVE them so much more. I saw someone doing a video on inking them after they were embossed but I like your idea of inking while embossing. Thanks so much Joy! I love your website!!

  3. Gosh! There are so many favorites. I really like your website and come back almost every day!
    Some of my favs or the ones you do with vinyl. I love your DVD. It has some great projects!

  4. Oh I have so many I like. I discovered you this summer when I finally got a gypsy, and thank goodness you helped me figure it out! So I love all those tutorials. But recently I love the Halloween soap. I am going to try that. I want to come up with things to put in the soap for other holidays as well. They will make great hostess gifts during the holiday party season.

  5. I’m pretty new to your blog. Sooo I had to go back and look. WOW! I have some new projects to do! Like the spider soaps! The fall block and the vinyls! Oh my!

  6. SugarChix says:

    I just started crafting this summer, so I have to go with my fav from this October… but honestly and truly, I love the idea on THIS blog post!! I need to make invitations for my first Thanksgiving at my house and I got some inspiration from yours!! I need to make something to impress my in-laws! 😉

  7. I loved these two projects however there is only so much time.. I’ll just make a list of projects that I want to try!
    So much fun!

  8. cute ideas. where do you come up with them all?

  9. I love them all, but for me Xmas is my favorite time so I have to say that the one in Dec /09 of santa, the sleigh and the gift boxes is my favorite

  10. Pinky Paulette says:

    I really like the cupcake socks project. Sometimes I need a cute little something for a gift and that will be too perfect!
    I have a scissor fetish and ‘must’ have those scissors!!!!!!

  11. I’ll have to say, that the Glass Block with the halloween lights is probably my favorite!
    Because I did the same thing you did…bought some Halloween lights (this year) and never used them!
    Now I know what I can do with them for next year!
    That block is really pretty and it would look nice in my Living Room window!

  12. My love everything that you do and really try to check out your site everyday. You have the coolest site and most wonderful projects. My favorite the Treat Coffins. I made those for my party tonight

  13. Joy, I totally loved the glass block project with Happy Fall Y’all. Oh, and by the way, you totally rock!! Thanks for your awesome videos!!

  14. I love this glass block project, a glass block (or two) is on my next craft store purchase list (the closest craft store is 2 hours away) Thanks for the great ideas this is so beautiful!

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