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DIY Map Lampshade Makeover Tutorial

Map Paper Lamp Shade Makeover #ModPodge #DIY #lampshade

Today I’m shouting, “FINALLY!” because it’s been almost a year since I made this lamp and the lampshade has stayed plain and boring this whole time.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with it until today.  I just love this “Maps of the World” paper by Hazel & Ruby so much that I wanted to cover more things with it.  I mean it was just last week when I made this with it.  I’m #1 with a road trip so that’s probably why this paper speaks to me the way it does.  Me, people I love, my car and the open road = the best thing ever to me.

Map Paper Lamp Shade Makeover #ModPodge #DIY #lampshade

Can you believe this before and after?  I’m really glad that I did something with it, especially since it sits in my craftroom and I see it every day.

Map Paper Lamp Shade Makeover #ModPodge #DIY #lampshade

I thought it would be a good idea to paint the lampshade in a color that matched the map.  That way if I didn’t cover an area of the shade the plain white wouldn’t be showing through.  I think it probably also aided in not letting light shine through patchy areas of paper, where I overlapped them.  I mixed Caribbean Apple Barrel paint by Plaid with white to arrive at a map matching shade of blue.  I really like that Caribbean blue.  I used it here and here too.

Map Paper Lamp Shade Makeover #ModPodge #DIY #lampshade

After the paint dried I cut the map paper in strips and applied them to the shade using Mod Podge.  I both painted Mod Podge directly onto the shade and applied the paper and also applied the Mod Podge to the paper and then applied it to the shade.  I found that putting it directly on the shade worked best because it dried super fast on the paper and I needed time to position it.

Map Paper Lamp Shade Makeover #ModPodge #DIY #lampshade

When I started painting I wasn’t sure if the paint would damage the shade or if I was going to cover both the top and bottom edges with paper, therefore…my excuse that it’s messy.  There’s no mess that a glue gun can’t help cover, so that’s what I used.  I glued some pom pom ribbon to the edges.  That’s how you turn a mistake and poor planning into, “I meant to do that.” 😉

 Map Paper Lamp Shade Makeover #ModPodge #DIY #lampshade

I added a few tags from Teresa Collins’ Pocket Dies Lifestyle collection using my Cut’N’Boss machine.  Here are other projects I’ve made with my Cut’N’Boss.  I think it’s a great machine!

Map Paper Lamp Shade Makeover #ModPodge #DIY #lampshade

I added some washi tape and a few Petaloo flowers to the tags.

Map Paper Lamp Shade Makeover #ModPodge #DIY #lampshade

All done!  It truly lights up my life.  Yes, I had to say it. 😉

Happy Crafting!

I created this while participating on the Craftwell Design Team.

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  1. This makes me very very happy that I never got around to selling some antique canning jars I’ve for a while!

    1. YAY! Thank goodness, Tina! 😉 BTW, I made mine look old using paint! In case you didn’t see that transformation, it’s right here. That was fun!

  2. I “LOVE” the lamp, but you need to rotate the lamp shade just a tiny bit so I can see NC better.

    1. LOL Sherrie! I know…It’s tough to see GA too. The plight of perfect photos and rounded lampshades! 😉
      Thank you!

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  4. I really love this paper. I wish I could find it! I’ve hunted everywhere for something similar. If you happen to know where to purchase, it would be much appreciated! I LOVE THIS!!!!!

    1. I can’t believe it’s out of stock! That’s so sad! I searched for it for you too, but I didn’t find it either. I just found these map wrapping papers, which might work, but they aren’t the same thing. I hope Hazel & Ruby brings back that paper. It was a hit!

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