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Simple Spooky Spider Soap with Vinyl

Spider soap, spider soap (sing to Spiderman theme)

Spooky spider soap is super easy, super fun and pretty disgusting. All in all, PERFECT for Halloween wouldn’t you say?


Soap – .88 from Walmart. I was able to pull off the label from the front and the back, but then I needed Goo Gone to help me remove the rest of the sticky residue.

That’s a little scraper that I got free with an order I placed with Stampin’ Up a while back. It was just what I needed to help me lift the edges of the label so I didn’t break a nail.

Some of my Joy’s Life friends have been able to find Goo Gone at the Dollar Store. Where was I on that one? I bought mine at a craft store for full price.

I LOVE those Tim Holtz Scissors! I used them to help me cut the backs off of some spiders. Now is the time to pick up bags of bugs and spiders. These were on sale for .79 at my local grocery store. Even better to buy them after Halloween and really save! Then you have to wait until next year to use them though, unless you celebrate spooky Thanksgiving. That’s a tradition I’m not sure will catch on.

I cut the ring parts off of the spiders.

It’s always weird to find yourself cramming spiders into a liquid soap dispenser and yet, there I am.

I thought that looked pretty good, but it still needed something. So, I turned to my BFF…vinyl!

I used my Imagine to cut my vinyl, but I didn’t need to color anything.

Happy Hauntings cartridge…I heart you!

This “creepy” sentiment is straight from the Happy Hauntings cartridge.

Creepy Soap...perfect for scaring my guests in the guest bath!

That was a fun and easy Halloween craft. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I can’t wait until my kids happen upon it. I just switched it out and put away the dull Bath and Body Works one that was in there. Hee…hee…hee. I’m dreaming up more things to cram into the soap!


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  1. Inspired idea!! Flowers, Butterfly, little fall leaves, snowflakes could all be dropped into soap…going to try some now. Where do you come up with the ideas?

  2. I think I have to do this! what a simple thing to do for Halloween, but totally awesome…I mean SUPER awesome!

  3. Fun, Fun, Fun! I have to make some of these for work, the ladies will just love them!! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  4. This was such an adorable idea! I used Softsoap’s Pomegranate and Mango soap. It’s RED! I found some gooey eyeballs and it looks so neat!! Thanks for the idea!!

  5. I unwrapped my brand new Cricut Expression, and THIS was the first thing I made. I love your site-keep it going Joy!

  6. What a fabulous idea!! This is one way to get the kids to wash their hands often. Very cute.

  7. What a great idea!! I have to make one of these! I am the worlds biggest arachnophobiac and just putting this together will totally creep me out, but I think it just might freak my 17 yr old daughter out more when she sees it in the bathroom..LOL

    Nothing like scaring the pants off your daughter first thing on Halloween morning!! LOL Not sure anyone will use the soap!!

    Thanks for sharing such a great idea,

  8. OK_ Im going to do this! Im going to the $ store today to get all the goods and I am going to do this, for teacher gifts! Its so cute I might just keep one for me!-
    [email protected]

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