Cricut Rock Princess Skull “Monster” Upcycled Drink Holder

The post title is a mouthful, but it accurately describes this project!

This is a drink holder that just yesterday held two milkshakes for 2 of my kiddos.  I thought it was so cute since it just held two things.  I knew I wanted to do a makeover on it.  Today, Super Daughter asked if she could spend the night with Super Niece next weekend and the drink holder idea was settled!  I would create a Monster drink holder for the girls’ sleepover!!

Here are all the things I used.  I did get real and put away those kitchen scissors.  I opted for an Exacto knife.  It’s just what you need for a project like this.  All paper is from Stampin’ Up.

I started taking the drink holder apart from the bottom.

And…I’m still taking it apart.

Now I’m cutting and gluing.  I used my ATG gun for this part.  (ATG stands for Adhesive Tape Gun.)  Yes, I got rid of those kitchen scissors right around this time.

FINALLY!  I grabbed a precision tool for this precision work.  I can be stubborn. 😉  The Exacto knife made this much easier.  Did you notice what I’m cutting on?  It’s the back of an old Cricut mat.  (Frankly, it could be the back of the mat I used in my Cricut next.  My table was a mess.  LOL!)  Um, cutting directly on the front of a Cricut mat is fine.  The back?  Well, it’s really NOT made for that, but did I let that stop me?  Nah.  The mats that were on my table had made me mad already since they weren’t sticky anymore.  They had it coming.

TA DA!!  We’re upright now!  Let’s see what else we can do to this baby! 😀  You might notice that it’s not perfect.  That’s ok!  All projects don’t have to be perfect.  I find that if I wait until the projects are perfect, I don’t finish many projects.  😉

Have you tried the Portrait function?  You should.

Here I’m using the Portrait function on my Expression.  It allows you to cut from left to right instead of up and down.  Pretty cool!  That was the perfect choice for me because I wanted to make the most of what I had left of this piece of paper.  BTW, this piece of paper is Coredinations, not Stampin’ Up.

These images are all from the Rock Princess Cricut cartridge.

What do I love more than coordinating double sided paper?  (Well, my family and lots of things, but right after all that…is coordinating double sided paper.)  It makes crafting SOOOO much easier!  You cut things out, flip the paper for some variety and … look!  You’re a coordinating genius!  Double sided paper makes us all look good!

Woo hoo!!  All Done and Ready to Party!  I’m glad those caffeinated girls aren’t sleeping here that night.  Shhh!  I didn’t say that! 😉  LOL!


Here’s the other side.

I hope you enjoyed this upcycled drink holder post.  (Upcycling is when you find a way to update/modify something that you would otherwise throw away.)  Would you like to see something else I upcycled?  I turned a Kleenex hand towel box into a car wash!  Click HERE to see that.

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  1. ONce again way cute! I could see making this in our High school colors and sending the kids to the games on Friday nights with THis, and a matching candy bag! what fun!- oh and I LOVE re- cycled crafting! YA- way to be green!
    [email protected]

  2. What a cute idea. I am not sure how you manage to inspired for your upcycling projects…you amaze me!
    So I’m just curious what the Lifetime TV movie was…I get suckered into them so easily!

  3. Really cool!! Love what you done with it 🙂

  4. Super cute! Great way to recycle too. Are those Monster drinks good? Energy drinks scare me. But I don’t drink coffee so I’m trying to find a way to get a boost for those long days 🙂

    spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com

  5. My daughter would love this, she’s really into skulls. I need to get that cartridge.

  6. What a cute drink holder and recycle idea. You have such wonderful ideas.
    Great cartridge too – love the skull!

    Thanks for the chance!
    trepanierm at comcast dot net

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