Cricut Elegant Cakes Cartridge & Cri-Kit Gel Pens

When I was in Charlotte, NC at the Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooking Convention last weekend, I got to demo one of my favorite things.  You know I love them…the Cri-Kit gel pens.  If you’re at a show look for Scrapbook because they sell them. 😉  Here’s what I made using the Elegant Cakes Cricut Cartridge.  (Remember, you can use Cricut Cake cartridges with any Cricut.)

If you look closely you’ll see that they are outlined in pen.

Ok, so what I did here is something that only sometimes works.  First, I used the Cri-Kit gel pens and drew out the image using a Cricut.  I drew the image right at the top of the paper where it started after I pressed load paper.  After it finished drawing, I replaced the pen for the blade housing and hit load paper again.  That took the blade up to the top where I had originally started drawing.  Then I hit cut.  It produced these images.

Well, you can see how pretty that is, but you might also notice that some of the pen got cut off.  That’s why using the pens and a Cricut alone only sometimes works.  You really need a Gypsy or Design Studio to get the pens to line up exactly where you want them.

Cricut Dan used Design Studio to create a shadow around this image that he first drew.  Then he replaced the pen with the blade and cut the shadowed area he created.  That’s how he got this just right.

Cricut Dan made this one.

And now back to what I made without using DS or the Gypsy.  Again, this one looks great, but I’ve done it where it wouldn’t line up at all and … well, it just didn’t produce this kind of result.  I say…line up using DS or Gypsy. 😉

These doily cuts from Elegant Cakes really sold me on that cart.

So, not all cuts will align well for both cutting and drawing without using the Gypsy or Design Studio.  However, all of these cuts from the Cricut Elegant Cakes cart lined up really well.  BTW, that’s a glitter gel pen in the photo above.  The glitter ones are my favorite.

I love to demo these pens using the Cindy Loo cartridge, but when I sold all of the Cindy Loo carts I had to demo with something else.  I was so sad that I pouted.  (Cindy Loo has some beautiful cuts.)  Then…I discovered Elegant Cakes.  I went from pouting to excited pretty quickly.

Ahhh, I love playing with the Cricut and the Cri-Kit gel pens.  Now off to buy myself the Cricut Elegant Cake cart.

Come back tomorrow for something AWESOME YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!!



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  1. These are beautiful cuts and I totally agree that on some cuts you really need the ‘shadow’ around them but others look just as good as they are.
    Kim xXx

  2. Cool, first, I did not realize I could use the cake carts in my regular Cricut. Thank you for that nice to know fact (although that may cost me a $$$ since I seem to want all of the regular Cricut carts, I’m sure I will end up wanting all the cake carts! ) And I really need to play around with pens in my Cricut. I already have DS, just gotta buy some pens for my Cricut. And I’m thinking Gel pens would be a good pen to start with.

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