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From Ice Cream Bucket to Easter Basket with Cricut

First of all, Happy Easter Everyone!

For our family, Easter is also the time of three family birthday parties as well as a big Easter Egg hunt.  Last night was my SIL’s b’day party.  Honestly, I was planning on making her a shirt, but my supplies still haven’t arrived.  I had also planned on prettily wrapping my little sock cupcake joke (more about that below), but didn’t have what I needed for that either.  It was quite frustrating.  I’m usually very well prepared.  Luckily, DH had saved the container of this huge tub of ice cream for me thinking I could make something with it.  What a good DH!  That’s when my last minute plan took over.  Convert the ice cream tub into a gift holder/reusable Easter bucket for the Easter egg hunt!

I started with this strong makeover contender.

Using my Easter Seasonal Cricut Cartridge, I got to work doing some quick conversion.  Well, some of it was quick and some of it wasn’t as quick.  I used my Gypsy to design one of the rings on the lid, (the pink one). With some quick Gypsy or Design Studio work you can make one too.  It’s just one of the doily-like circles from the Easter cart inside another one.

I LOVE the blue glitter cardstock I used under the Happy Easter.  It gave the letters stability and looked pretty.  The world needs more glitter cardstock.  That’s just one of my deeply held personal beliefs.

So, what we have here is a failure to communicate (sorry, I love Cool Hand Luke…well, really Paul Newman.) ANYWAY…what we have here are the contents of the bucket.  One pair of super soft spa socks rolled into a cupcake, inserted into a cupcake holder (or tiny useless crown, you be the judge), some wine charms, funny cocktail napkins and notebook that says, “You had me at Merlot.”  Ha ha ha ha ha…oh my gosh, you had me at merlot.  I’m cracking up!  I especially think this is funny since #1. I love merlot. # 2. I hate the movie Jerry Maguire.  (Which is funny since DH, DD and I were asked to walk though the scene they were filming in the airport because they needed families in the shot.)  We just happened to be there when Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger and the kid were filming that part.  That’s when I found out that TC was super, super short, but that’s not why I hate that movie.  Oh wait…you get that reference, right?  That whole, “You had me at Hello,” from Jerry Maguire?  Whew.  You probably thought I’d gone all random.  Moving on…

Awww Man!  I deviated from the Easter cart here.  I used Sweet Treats for the cupcake tag.

See the top?  I punched a hole through the cardstock and the bag with my Crop A Dile Big Bite.  I really love that tool.  It didn’t even pull or tear the bag.  It just went beautifully through, like BudAH (that’s butter, but sounding Southern).  The pink doily is a leftover I had from the Easter bucket/basket.  I stapled the bag shut with my Tiny Attacher, then folded the doily in half over that and taped it down using my ATG 714 gun.  The bag is a large Cello bag from Stampin’ Up.  The world would stop spinning if they quit making those.  I’m sure of it.

The grass and the eggs all come from the Easter Cartridge.

Now about the “socks like a cupcake”…  My SIL was born on April 1st so “socks that look like a cupcake”  were to double as an April Fools Day item.  Like, ” Ha, ha, ha!  It looks like a cupcake, but really it’s socks.”  Yeah, probably not the most hilarious joke, but I have to say she loved those socks and oddly, they matched the skirt she was wearing!

How to Make Cupcake Socks

Ok, I’m off to create more things, this time they are for DS#1’s b’day party today.   Is a nap on the schedule somewhere here?  Let me see…

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  1. CuddlyBunny says:

    Awesome makeover project, inside packaging and blog post writing!

    I giggled here and there, but have to admit I completely shut up when I read that the skirt your sister-in-law was wearing matched the socks.

    I scrolled back up to check the color of the socks again.

    She was wearing a SKIRT that MATCHED those pink socks? I think I love your sister-in-law as much as you and your blog!

    There is something awesome about a woman who wears a skirt that in any way matches those socks. Yay!

    1. 😀 LOL!! I almost feel like I should get her to wear that outfit again so she can redeem herself in photo. 😉 I swear, it does sound like a trip to Disney, doesn’t it? I think she had a pretty solid gray shirt on, does that help? 😀
      I’m so glad you liked the post. Love your comment too! 🙂

  2. Great makeover, thanks for the laughs. I suddenly enjoy tiny useless crowns. 😉 Good thing you clarified the southern influence. I had a slow moment of BudAH as Buddah? Oh, duh, cracked myself up. Cheers to merlot! When drinking inexpensive merlot in volume with a group, we call it mer-LOT. Can be embarrassing to joke about mer-LOT, realizing someone nearby is clearly thinking how ridiculous that we can’t pronounce it correctly. Oops, inside joke. For your readers, at least two WalMarts around MD/WV have been carrying the Big Bite and regular Crop-a-Dile on clearance for $10 for the last few weeks. May be at other locations as well. Got Mom one for Easter. Hope your goodies arrive soon, but you did great without. Happy Easter!

  3. “I mean I was in a hurry, but the house wasn’t on fire or anything for Pete’s sake!” – I love you.
    If your SIL was wearing a skirt the color of those socks she would have become my bff.
    Loooooooove the eggs. They might have been my favorite feature. As for the grass, it was just right.
    And, I’ll be your #2 in the campaign for more glitter cardstock!

  4. Oh, my! You enable reading and tv watching, too! I hadn’t seen the book series (or True Blood) but it does look very tempting. Thanks for the tip. Oops on the typo — Buddha — like BudAH. 😉

    1. LOL 7524kes, I’m QUITE the enabler! LOL! 😀

  5. I Love This Idea,Christopher Would Love To Do This project,As All Ways Joy Joy,Great Job,:)

  6. BELLY LAUGHTER~QUITE LOUD! What a hoot! I LIKE it when you go “all random”, it’s such fun to read.
    In my family, the definition of intelligence is being able to be flexible and adaptable and creative: the ice cream tub as wrapping material. Great thinking. DoriG

  7. I’ve used similar ideas in the past but I must say, your Easter Eggs may have just convinced me to get a cuttlebug.

    1. I have to say Lisa, I LOVE embossing things using the Cuttlebug folders! 😀
      I love the Cuttlebug and like the Big Shot too. Have you seen my video using both?
      Here it is in case you’re interested in seeing them side by side. 😀
      Big Shot & Cuttlebug Comparison Video

  8. First this is super cute, Second, I LOVE READING YOUR POSTS! You totally crack me up!! Too too much…oh and I completley hate Jerry Macguire…when my friends talk about how much they love it I can’t help but wonder how we ever became friends…

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