Stickles Distress, Glitz and Regular Compared

What are Stickles?

Basically, Stickles are a glitter glue.  Then again, they’re a glittler glue like the Queen of England is just some Brit.  Stickles are the crown jewel of glitter glues.  One of the best things about them is the tip on the bottles.  Those tips allow you to do some fine detailed work that you just can’t do with non Stickles glitter glue.  Also, it doesn’t glop out like other glitter glues.  Now, you might get an air bubble here or there, but sometimes that happens.  I will say, it doesn’t happen often.

Stickles Drying Time:

Their drying time varies.  They dry fast if you don’t use a bunch, they dry slower if you really pile it on.  Guess which group I fall into?  Yes, I’m still waiting for my recent pile of it to dry. 😉

3 Kinds of Stickles…

Distress Stickles – (Pink bottle in photo) – These are a less sparkly, thicker, grittier glitter glue.  They dry with a matte look.  Also, notice the tip on this bottle.  It’s much wider than the other two types I’m showing you.  That is so this thicker, gritter glitter glue mix can get through.  I would NOT use this for really fine detailed work.  Here’s a cool tip!! Distress Stickles are “inkable” with Distress Inks when inks are dry.  This creates a tarnished look on the glitter.

Glitz Stickles- (Red bottle in photo) – These Stickles come in bright colors and are EXTRA SPARKLY, woo hoo!  I really like these.  They are more like the regular Stickles than the Distress.  Look at the tip on these in the photo above.  You can see that this tip was designed for detailed work.  These Stickles come out in a thin line.

Stickles(Blue bottle in photo) – These are the regular Stickles.  They are almost exactly like the Glitz Stickles but maybe a tad less sparkly.  They have the same tip as the Glitz Stickles and are great for whatever you want to make.  I think Stickles are a great way to add some bling to your projects and they only cost a few dollars a bottle.  Yay to that!

Stickles in Action:

Left to Right: Red/Glitz, Blue/Regular and Pink/Distress

The best part of Stickles?  (Obvious.)  THE GLITTER!  It does not skimp on the glitter, which is awesome.  This is especially good for me since glitter is my sworn enemy.  However, glitter in glue is my BFF.  When glitter is stuck in glue, it does not end up in my eye.  So YAY!

Here are some projects where I’ve used Stickles.

Go Stickle Something!

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  1. stoneware says:

    Joy, thank you for your website! I have gleaned so much information from it! I appreciate this post about the Stickles. I’ve recently started using them and, like you, love them!! Keep up the good work!!


  2. So cool. I LOVE the detail bottle tip because I like to detail stickle. I didn’t know about the fatter bottle tip so I will be extra careful when I use my one bottle of distress stickles. Thank you.

  3. flowerdisco says:

    i have the regular and distressed stickles but didn’t know about the glitz ones. tfs. my favs too are the original that is because i haven’t try the glitz yet, 😛

  4. crazyaboutcricut says:

    Thank you so much! I was always wondering what the difference was! This was really helpful, so I put a link to this post on my blog. Thanks again!


    1. I’m glad it helped you! 😀 Thanks for linking to it. 😉

  5. beadgal29 says:

    Yay for Stickles! They are seriously my new favorite scrapping thing… I have been searching for stickle deals instead of Cricut cart deals lately. Hobby Lobby seems to have the best price for them, but I have all of the colors. 🙁

    1. Hey beadgal29,
      Try some of my links near the bottom right like for Stickles. I’ve found some good Stickle colors at Scrapbooking Alley. 😀
      Stickles Rock!!

  6. Didn’t realize the difference. Thanks again for making things easier for us

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