The Cinch & the Pink Bind It All Compared

Both items can make books, calendars, albums and more!!

Well, you saw it coming didn’t you?  I thought so.  I just had to get The Cinch by We R Memory Keepers, even though I have the awesome Pink Bind It All and they do the same thing.

***There’s a newer version of the Cinch.  I like it even better than the original!

Here’s why I bought the Cinch:

I like the huge plate area for laying down the pages. That has GOT to make it easier than trying to keep them all straight and upright like you have to in the BIA.  I was at the tail end of a project and ruined a cover I was binding with the BIA because I had trouble balancing everything and pushing down the arm at the same time.  It was almost a disaster, but Super DH ran out to Archiver’s (the first time he ever stepped foot in one) and got me a new cover.

  • You can turn off some of the hole punches. That’s cool!  You’re more in charge of what you can make.  Hole here, hole there…cool.
  • You can place your wires on hooks and thread your pages while you work. That’s nice too!  It’s so much better than trying to keep up with your pages while you’re doing a project, especially if it’s a big project.
  • It’s made by the people who make the Crop A Dile. If this thing is even almost as awesome as the Crop A Dile, I’m sure I’ll love it.  That thing is incredibly well made and is quite the workhorse.
  • The #1 Reason I bought it… Overall Ease of Use.  I especially like the easy to follow instructions that are printed on the base of the Cinch.

Hmmm…one of these things is not like the other.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the BIGGEST difference.  The Cinch is SUPER BIG compared to the Bind It All.  I think that really makes the BIA super awesome.  It does basically everything The Cinch does, but has compacted all that potential into a tiny machine.  Pretty impressive.  Now I still stick with my above mentioned drawbacks, but certainly The Cinch loses the, “I’m thinner than you are war”.  If you don’t have space to store The Cinch, that’s something to consider because that thing is a BEAST.   I don’t go to crops, but if I did I’d hate to think about lugging The Cinch around for any binding I might want to do.  I DO LIKE that the arm on The Cinch can be locked down.  The one on the BIA cannot.

I’m excited to make my first project with The Cinch!!  I predict that I will love it!

UPDATED (on 9/29/10) TO ADD: The Cinch out of the box weighs 6 lbs 12 oz.  The Bind It All weighs 2 lbs 13 oz.

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  1. breakfast@tiffanys says:

    What timing! I just heard mention of the Cinch yesterday and wanted to learn what it did. Thanks Joy, you are, as always, awesome!

  2. I want one. Where did you get it and are they available on line?

    1. Hey Marlene! 😀
      I bought mine from HSN, but I see that they don’t have it in stock right now. I’m sure they will again soon. In the meantime, I’ve got a link on the left hand side of my page where you can get it. I think most places are still in the pre-order stages right now. I was able to get in early on an early sale that HSN had during National Craft Month in March. I hope that helps! Have a great day!

  3. i will keep looking on HSN. They are one of my favorite spots to shop. There prices usually are pretty reasonable. I am sorry to say, that I have not been doing a lot of crafting lately. For some reason since I was so sick in February, I get worn out really easy. Guess it is my body saying slow down. I am listening.

    1. Marlene,
      I’m sorry you’ve been sick. 🙁 I hope your energy returns soon!
      I like shopping with HSN too.
      Best wishes!

  4. patches_523h says:

    I can’t wait to get back home to order this!
    Then yet I can’t wait to just get home. LOL
    Hoping to be able to get home first week in June.

  5. flowerskissing says:

    I seen the video on this…I would like to try it

  6. I just ordered the Cinch (here in the Netherlands) and I can’t wait to use it! Just a pity is that there are not that much wires available here, I found only black and white in two sizes. I hope they will expanding later the collection!
    (I’m sorry for my English is not so good…)

  7. Ok Ms Joy….you are tooo awesome! I was going to buy the bind it all until I stopped by at your site! Now this is why you are awesome…… I did not even think about the fact that would have to stand the paper up to bind it or that it was so small… that kinda was a turn off for me! Now I had wanted one of these for the longest so I went to hobby lobby and guess what I was able to get it for 65 dollars because I used the 40% coupon…I had almost ordered it online but decided to check some other places first…so glad I did! I am such a Happy Crafter,,,,,, now there is no stopping me!!! Happy Crafting!!!!!!

  8. harleychickx2 says:

    I have something called a BindMate I found at Target for $12 ish at 75% off. It was in the office area. Have you ever heard of it? I want to make calanders, so I knew I “needed” it. I haven’t used it yet. It looks a lot like the Cinch, except it is the size of a full sheet of paper. (Not as cute though)

    1. Harleychickx2,
      I remember hearing about people finding those BindMates at that price. It sounds AWESOME, especially at $12. I’m not sure if I’ve used that brand, but my Mom used to have an all metal one that looked like the BindMate and it was GREAT! I say it doesn’t matter what brand name you have. What matters is how it works in your crafting life. 😉 I think you got a GREAT DEAL!! Wish I had one…sniff…sniff. LOL… I love crafty machines!

  9. Redrosenj99 says:

    Thanks for doing this one! I want to get a binder, so it looks like it will be a Cinch. You made it easy for me to choose.

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