Everyday Paper Dolls Electric Guitar Card

I used Copic W7 on the microphone and amp.

I have a bullseye for birthdays tattooed on my forehead.  Right?!  I seem to get targeted by every b’day that flies in my direction.  So, here is ANOTHER b’day card.  Yes, I just made one yesterday.  I know.  I can’t believe it either.  You’re right…sometimes that’s just how it goes.  Well, I do feel lucky that we have people who think to include us (and/or the kids) in their celebrations.  And…as my friend Michelle said to me today about another project I did, “Oh, you just sent out all those invitations so you could make cards!”  LOL…who? ME? 😛

Well, although yesterday’s Everyday Paper Dolls Cricut cart had me reproducing myself as a pregnant bad dresser with a mullet, I tried the cartridge again today anyway. 😀  I think it turned out a bit better.  Once again I used the Peachy Keen Stamps PK-490 Everyday Character Face Assortment stamp for the face.  ‘Cause…like I could ever draw that?!  Did I ever tell you that when I was a teenager I had a job in the mall as an artist?  I got fired my first day…because I can’t draw.  Hey, they never said that was a prerequisite.  Let’s just keep that between us, ok?

Hey, I used stickers on a card for the first time!  They really do make things easy.  The musical notes are all stickers from Hobby Lobby.  Also, I just realized those stickers were like $1.50 and were only one small sheet.  I hope I got those on sale.  For what you get, those things are pricey!

Go Turn Someone into Paper!

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  1. sy3_smith says:

    I’m big on stickers, because when my niece was born last september it was my mission to make a scrapbook for my sister of her for christmas. As I am a student, it got hard to find the time to do everything (this was before my cricut). and I found dollarama to be the absolute amazing place for stickers! they have a huge variety and you get a decent amount for the low price of a dollar! My friend and I swear by our dollarama shopping trips! One of the other girls went to wal mart for stickers for her very first scrapbook, boy did she get a talking to! hahaha!

    1. That’s a great tip! I love hearing about great scrapbooking/crafting deals!!
      LOL, that poor other girl! Bet she never made that mistake again, LOL! 😉

  2. sy3_smith says:

    what paper did you use for the body?
    I have this cartridge and want to use it, but don’t have any paper for the bodies.

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