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Cricut Seasonal Easter Cartridge – Does This Surprise You?

easter bowl

Is it JUST ME, or did you think that would be a bowl type thing?

Ok, between you and me I think this cart is pretty cute.  Honestly though, I just bought it because I HAD TO HAVE that chocolate rabbit with the bite out of his ear.  Sick?  Maybe…but it makes me laugh.  Every year I laugh at that same comic about the chocolate rabbits.  Really…EVERY YEAR!  Have you seen it?  Here it is:

Haaa haa ha...hee hee hee...oh, that's a good one!

So, I’m sure you can see why I HAD TO HAVE the new Easter cart.

Plus, I’ve had GREAT success using this cart to make those pillow boxes which I love, as you know.  Here’s a link to the pillow boxes I made from this cartridge.  Ok, back to my confusion and perhaps, complaint.  Looking at that image sheet that comes with the Seasonal cartridge, I thought it was a bowl.  I really did.  So, I hit fit to page and got … that.  What is it?  A tiny crown?  A tiny lamp shade?  (I did try it on a little lamp and it was too small.  Great idea for 12×24 paper though!)  Later DH suggested it might be an egg holder!!  YES!!  So, I should shrink it down and put eggs on it!!  Taaa Daahh!  Now, that’s a great idea, but my question is still this, “What did they intend for this to be used as?”  IT LOOKS LIKE A BOWL on that sheet.  I think they should either make more detailed photos about what things are OR show the image in use.  IDK, I’m confused at what the thought process is here.

If you think that is frustrating…just wait until tomorrow when I show you the Easter Basket.  It turned out fine…but…well, you’ll see. 😉

Keep On a Craftin’!

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  1. Perhaps it is supposed to be a basket liner. I would have thought it was a bowl too from the pic on the card. That is my one complaint with the solution cartridges, the enclosed “instructions” are pitiful.

  2. kristieann718 says:

    It does look like it would be an egg holder. Or…maybe it could be a cupcake holder? Although, it would have to have a bottom…

    This easter cart looks so cute. I think I will have to get it! 🙂

    1. LoriO, a rabbit cage for rabbits that can’t jump!! 😀 Totally!! IDK why I didn’t think of that?! They must be dwarf rabbits too. That explains a lot. 😉

      Kristieann718, I’m with you. It looks like it could be a cupcake holder, like you learned, but I thought it needed a bottom for that too. Weird. I’m so confused!!

      Jan S., That’s a good thought. A basket liner would be cute, but then I think how crazy I’d go trying to figure out what basket it would fit. You’re right, the “instructions”, if we can call them that are seriously, seriously lacking!


    2. Ok, I just got the Sweet Treats cart and it has a ton of cupcake wrappers in it…and they all have bottoms!! So, I’m still totally confused. I wonder what the artist had in mind?

  3. isn’t it a little difficult to hold eggs when there’s no bottom. I’m confused too. Maybe it’s a rabbit cage for rabbits that can’t jump?

  4. sy3_smith says:

    I think it’s an egg holder. like when you paint the eggs and you hold them to dry and display and such!

  5. harleychickx2 says:

    My first thought was a basket, but there isn’t a bottom. It sure would be super cute for displaying eggs or as a cupcake holder though. It would also be pretty to put around a pot of lilies.

  6. ilovecrafts says:

    I thought it was a cupcake wrapper!!! PC is soooo funny with their product launches and letting everyone else figure out what the heck they meant by it!

  7. kristieann718 says:

    Is one of the other patterns supposed to be for the bottom of the cupcake liner maybe? Like the green circle with the doily-like design around the edge. Or maybe you make the cupcakes in a liner, and then set the liner down inside the holder…LOL!!!

  8. patches_523h says:

    Or maybe……It’s a Flower Pot cover for a Terricotta pot.
    Let the kid’s plant a seed for a veggie and when it sprout’s wrap the crown/egg holder/cup cake/thingy around it and give it to Grandma. Grandma likes anything Grand kid’s give them. I should know. I have 7. And every year I get something(Hench the name,something)from them.
    Whatever it is, Happy figuring it out and happy crafting.

  9. patches_523h says:

    Have you seen the new cartridge’s that came out today???
    Gotta have ’em!
    Feeling better I hope Joy???

  10. When I look at it, I think of cupcake holder so I went to the cricut website to see for you. According to their site, it’s a cupcake wrapper/holder. HTH


  11. Wow I am still waiting for the Love Struck one and here they are with anyother needed one.

    [email protected]

  12. Most cupcake “wraps” don’t have bottoms, they fit snuggly around the cupcake, so I would use it both as a cupcake wrap and an egg holder…

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