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  1. Woot! I’m the first to comment! Thanks for the demo. I just recently got the Big Bite (for $10 on clearance at Wal-Mart!!!!) and used it to make the ribbon box you designed. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you Joy! This video was so super helpful! I always wondered the difference between the two and what exactly they did! Thank you! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the video Joy! I have wondered how this works… I even picked one up at Hobby Lobby to purchase, but thought it looked super confusing and so put it back. I may just have to get one of these now! 🙂

    Do you think that the regular crop-a-dile would make your ribbon box? I have a basket full of horribly undisciplined ribbon, but i I think my finances would appreciate the price of the regular crop-a-dile than the big bite.

    1. Hey Beadgal29,
      It should punch the holes. The only problem is getting the holes far enough down that the box will close over the tops of your ribbon rolls. If you don’t have a photo box to test, you could try a shoe box, or you could stand cardboard next to your ribbon and cut the cardboard so that it’s 2-3 inches above the ribbon. That should help show you if the regular Crop A Dile will make the holes where you want them. In the video you can see the difference in the reach between the regular Crop A Dile and the Big Bite. With some change to the design, it would probably work just fine! You could make a box where you put the ribbon inside and don’t use dowels, like those squishy clear ribbon boxes with the holes all over it. Have you see those? They look sort of like a ribbon porcupine. LOL! You might consider a design like that if the other way doesn’t work for you. I hope that helps!

  4. LOL!! love the Scarface comment. Thanks for the information on both. I currently have the crop-a-dile and I think you video has finally made me take the plunge to go get the big bite. 🙂

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    1. Awww, thanks Liz!! I love it when people like my “added commentary”, LOL. I’m glad the video helped you. I really love my Big Bite…that thing ROCKS!! 😀

  5. Super demonstration!!!! Thanks so much!! I have felt that it would be really helpful to own a crop a dile, but never really knew why or what it did 🙂 Now I do!!! Be blessed!!

  6. I’ve been searching for a while now for the solution to my ribbon storage! I have them on free hanging dowels only to have them unravel if someone forgets to secure the ends back up (I have 3 teen-preteen girls that also scrapbook). I’ve looked all over the internet and nothing seemed to be “just right”. Someone was selling a box similar to this on eBay. Now this! I think I’m sold on this idea. One more excuse to get CRAFTY! (and to buy the Big Bite!) Btw Joy I have seen the “squishy” ribbon holders. They have them on The only problem I forsee with those is I believe the ribbon is stored off the spool. If you get to pulling on enough ribbons I would think they’d get tangled. *shrug* who knows!?!

    1. I totally agree! I thought the “squishy” holders would get the ribbon all tangled too, maybe they don’t but I can’t see how they wouldn’t. I’m glad this helped you!! BTW, you might want to just punch the holes and not add the eyelets. The eyelets are cute, but they sometimes try to snag the ribbon. 😉 Good luck! 😀

  7. my list keeps getting longer and longer now I want the Crop A Dile Big Bite I have the other one. I want the cuttlebug first

  8. Oh yeah! I did it! Went out an bought the Big Bite… well worth it. I even managed to convince the hubbah-dub that HE might have a use for it too. (which isn’t entirely untrue!) The ribbon box was fun to make. I bought some photo boxes on clearence at michael’s, 2 for $4.99. One thing I changed was I bought foam board (comes covered in tons of colors to match the photo boxes) to cut out inserts and hot glued them on the inside ends for the dowels to sit in. It’s easy to cut with a craft blade. I cut a long, narrow “U” shape in a piece (my piece was 3″tallX4″wide) of foam board about halfway down the height of my photo box. I made 4 ribbon boxes and they’re wonderful! Thank you SOOOO again, Joy, for this great idea!

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  10. After watching this I just had to have a crop-a-dile! Ordered one from Joann Fabric on line this morning using a 50% off coupon!!! So excited! Can’t wait till my new toy arrives!

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  12. Thank You for comparing the two. Now I know which one I would like to have.
    quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com

  13. Hi Joy, I am having a hard time with the Crop-A-Dile big bite… every time I try to put on one of the fastners (using Recollection painted heart 3/16″) on my card stock, it seems like the fastner always cracks or the paint chips off and I am not heavy handed. I was being very ginger with it and well, I feel like the Incredible Hulk. The only ones that come out okay for me are the boring metal ones. Please Help…. Thanks, Diane

  14. I’ve been thinking about getting one, but wasn’t sure if I could put it to use for my projects. Now that I see what it will do, I’ll be getting me one…hopefully on sale…

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