Cricut Sweet Treats Cupcake Wrapper Sizes!!


What We’re Learning Today…

I have heard your cries!!!  (Nothing serious…we’re talking cupcakes here.)  When using the Sweet Treats Cricut cartridge, so many people have asked, “What size do we make our cupcake wrappers?”  So, that’s what today’s post is about!

We’re using store bought mini and regular/standard sized cupcakes.

Just the Facts Ma’am…

I used the Sweet Treats Cricut cartridge for this post.  Every cupcake wrapper on that cartridge is exactly the same.  The only differences are the cuttable embellishments that most of the cuts have.  I didn’t use any embellishments here.  This is just the plain ‘ole cupcake wrapper totally unembellished.

Each cupcake wrapper is labeled with the size I set my Cricut Dial for each cut.  For these cupcakes, if you want the tops to peak over the wrapper a bit you would pick sizes 4 1/2″ for the mini and 6 1/2″ for the regular.  If you want the sides taller than the tops of these mini & regular cupcakes then you would choose 5 1/2″ (mini) and 7 1/2″ (regular).  Of course, it depends on the amount of icing you have. 😉  Also, going much smaller than 4 1/2″ would squish the mini cupcake.

Amount of Cupcake Wrappers That Can Be Cut from One Sheet of 12×12 Paper Using the Cricut Expession:

4 1/2″ = 4 cupcake wrappers

5 1/2″ = 2 cupcake wrappers

6 1/2″ = 1 cupcake wrapper

7 1/2″ = 1 cupcake wrapper

Fit to Page will cut one 11″ cupcake wrapper using a whole page. (That would be a gigantic cupcake!)

You can adjust the sizes to fit your specific need.  I just chose to use 1″ increments for this tutorial.

I took this photo so you could see how much room is left around the sides of the cupcakes when they are in their respective wrappers.  If asked my preference…

I think I’d mostly use 4 1/2″ & 6 1/2″ because I don’t want my cupcakes rattling around like cattle in a boxcar.  Plus, the idea behind cupcake wrappers is that you see their icing.  Basically, the wrapper is just a pretty way of holding it.  They are can be especially pretty once decorated.

Thank you to my DH who is so super sweet.  He remembered me talking about how I needed to do a post about cupcake wrappers because people were having such a problem figuring out what size to make them.  A few days later he came home from the grocery store with 2 sizes of cupcakes!!  I was all puzzled (because I can be pretty dense sometimes) and said, “What are these for?”  (I mean, clearly I know we could eat them, but he doesn’t usually bring home a bunch of cupcakes.)  He said they were for my cupcake wrapper post!!  What a sweetheart.

I hope this post helped you!


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  1. Ha Ha, I agree with yo that you should just use the 4 1/2 & 6 1/2 cupcake holder because cupcakes and cattle just don’t mix. 🙂

  2. Your DH is very thoughtful. You have trained him well! XD So it looks like it would be a bit tricky getting the cupcakes in without getting frosting on your hands and the cute wrappers.

  3. amorebello says:

    These are totally precious! Thanks so much for this one!

  4. ilovecrafts says:

    Very helpful! Thank you!

  5. Perfect tutorial. Thank you so much. And thank to your super supportive DH. :^)

  6. mom2gabman says:

    thank you for sharing. especially love when you say “rattling around like cattle in a boxcar” too funny. Thanks again for sharing!

  7. Another great reason to eat more cupcakes. I love it

  8. flowerdisco says:

    Thanks for the info……..BTW, I love your aerial shot, LOL

    1. Hee…hee…hee! Yes, I had to get in my special helicopter to get that aerial shot. 😛 Thank you for loving it! 😉

  9. Thanks for the info. Wow, what a terrific guy. He actually listens — and surprises! 😉

  10. chriswooten57 says:

    how thoughtful that he takes your craft serious. I love men who do this for us. he is so sweet and means that he is listening to you, so sweet. My hubby is sweet, but when it comes to crafts, he pays no attention at all. He can walk in my craftroom 50 times a day and still not see what is sitting right in front of him, lol..sometimes that is a great thing, heheheh.

    just found your blog today. i just made a blog myself. it is new and does not have much on it yet. i hope in the next few weeks to post somethings. i love your blog and so glad to have found you.

    thanks for the chance for the giveaways. do we just comment to win or what?

    [email protected]

    1. LOL, I know what you mean!
      I’m glad you found my site! Thanks for being here!
      Yes, you’re exactly right just comment on the Give-A-Way post to be eligible to win. 😉

  11. BulldogMommy says:

    Such a sweet husband! Thanks for posting this. Definitely a help in making size decisions!

  12. mari1nonly says:

    Joy, thanks for this tutorial. I am trying it today… actually right now. I just opened my new Easter 2010 cart and was about to cut my first cupcake wrapper, but had to come check your tutorial to make sure I got the size right.

  13. mari1nonly says:

    Duh, so I only have one option on size…..because I don’t have an EXPRESSIONS machine. BOOOHOO!! I had to go with 4″ But, It will still work for the sock cupcake treat I plan to make for my nieces for their Easter Basket. I’d better find thin socks to shove in there.

    1. Good luck with your sock cupcake! I just got the Cricut Personal so I can begin giving size suggestion for people who have the smaller bugs. You know what? I LOVE that thing!! I love that it has a handle and is so portable AND I love that I can just keep it on my desk AND use it there! Yes, it’s great that the Expression can do all the extra stuff, but I have to say…the little bug has its strong points too! 😉 Post your cupcake sock photos on my Facebook page when you’re done! I’d love to see them!

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