Cricut Sentimentals Owl Wreath

Guess hooo is now hanging on the wall in the Half Craft?  Yep.  This guy.

I was just hanging out with my Gypsy one afternoon and I realized that I hadn’t really taken advantage of its welding abilities lately.  I also hadn’t used Serenade much even though I had to have it so badly I thought I might explode.  So…I used the little fern looking triple branch from Serenade and copied four of them.  I used a scalloped circle from Storybook and welded all of the fern pieces to it.  That created some space for the owl to nest.  Sound confusing?  😐  I’ll do a tutorial soon on the Gypsy and make it a little easier for you.

Here’s what the first page of my Gypsy project looks like:

I cut out 2 of these wreath like ferns and positioned one on top of the other.  Then I bent up some of the leaves to give it dimension.  This is one of my favorite parts of the whole project. 😀

I used the Gypsy again so I could lay down different kinds of paper and then cut everything at once.  Here is page 2 of my project.

That totally looks like an evil scarecrow face with a branch mouth (see top).  I’m sooo using that at Halloween! 😀

I used Stickles to enhance the envelope and I also chalked the edges of it.  Gold Stickles outline the triangular part of the envelope and Frosted Lace Stickles cover the interior of the triangle.  I used the Victoria Cuttlebug embossing folder to emboss most of the owl.  His branch is embossed with the Distressed Stripes Cuttlebug folder.  Also, this post should be called “I Made it with “S” Carts” because I used Sentimentals, Serenade and Storybook.  LOL!

I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

Go Get Crafty!



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  1. flowerdisco says:

    I owl be making one of those, hehehe he is so cute, I owl love him forever

  2. It takes three according to Mr. Owl! LOL

    Love the wreath.

    I am excited to get a gypsy. I have been giving hints that it would be a great Mother’s Day gift. 🙂 a hint being…”Hey I want a Gypsy for Mother’s Day.”, Hopefully he’ll figure it out, but with Men ya never know! XD

    1. Jan S.,
      Yes, 3 licks!! You’re hovering over my photos, aren’t you? Awww, you make me so happy! 😀 (Also, I’m a nerd, aren’t I? LOL)
      I give hints like that too. What good is a hint if it’s too vague, right? I think taking out ad space on freeway billboards is also a decent hint. 😉

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