Joy’s Life 5 Days of Give A Ways – LAST DAY TO ENTER

Joyslife Giveaway


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

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  1. patches_523h says:

    I am so looking forward to tomorrow. Good luck all!

  2. Thanks again Joy! And thanks for being a great leader in the cricuting world!

  3. I feel lucky about this.Thanks for all the chances to win and for everything you do and share 🙂

  4. Good luck everyone!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love to see the new ideas you have to offer.

  6. This is a fun idea!

  7. cheercoach says:

    You are one funny lady! I have a question about “Make the Cut” software and the Cricut Design software. If anybody out there can answer it, I would appreciate it. Can I use either of those software programs to connect the letters in any of the font cartridges to make words? Or, can you only use the Gypsy to connect letters to make words. Thanks, Joy, you bring JOY and HAPPINESS to the Cricut world.

    Maria Ladwig

    1. Hey Maria,
      You can just use Design Studio or Make the Cut. You don’t have to have the Gypsy. Hey, you can download a trial version of both of them and try them out to see which one you like best. There’s a link to Make the Cut on the right hand side of my site. I hope that helps!

  8. So many ways to win maybe I’ll be lucky!!
    I really don’t care though I have so much fun following yours! I need to watch my time and leave a little to actually make something !!! ;0)

  9. What fun. You sent me on a Goose Hunt. I havn’t seen so many talented woman in a long time. Can’t wait till the drawing. I hope I win.

  10. finecrafter says:

    Thanks for so many chances to win. I really enjoy coming here but haven’t been at my computer the last few days so I just squeaked by and left comments in one sitting. Thanks again Joy for all you do!

  11. Wow hoo can’t wait to see the reveal tomorrow, thanks Joy for all the chance to join in,
    Kim xXx

  12. Christine says:

    Hope I’m lucky! Love your site.

  13. Thanks for all your fun videos! I especially liked the block party video you did.

  14. Maybe today I will be lucky!!
    I have so much fun following you! You rock!

  15. Frantastic week of give-a-ways!!! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE OUT THERE!!!!!!! And a BIG THANK YOU to JOY!!!!:)

  16. I’m so glad I got in under the wire, just in time to enter to win. Thanks, Joy for all that you do to share with the rest of us. I know how much work goes into the instructions you provide. You’re a gem! Oh yes, and I’d love to win a little something, too. Either way, you’re still a gem.


  17. Thanks so much for the video’s and all the updates ect…. you share with us. I love coming to your blog each day to see what you have done.
    angel hugs

  18. OK, so I realize I missed a couple of days because I was on a retreat, but that is ok…it is so great you even do these giveaways…I would come back for the all the creative ideas even if you didn’t have giveaways! And btw watermelon blow pops are my fav too! Mary Jo

  19. scrapchick says:

    This looks really cool. I would love to have one. Saving my pennies! Thanks Joy!


  20. bettyjo2u says:

    I love your videos. They are always so entertaining as well as helpful!

    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    Betty Jo

  21. Loving this site just came across it today great ideas and great videos so excited to share with my friends

  22. bahansen61 says:

    Love your site and ideas, a definite must to visit and re-visit! Have to share with my daughter and her friends!

    Good luck everyone on the giveaways – an added plus to great info!

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