Gypsy Update – Martha Stewart Cartridges

Here’s the info:

NEW GYPSY UPDATE adds the Martha Stewart Crafts Cake Cartridges. Just connect your Gypsy to your computer and turn your Gypsy on. Next, open the Gypsy Sync program & follow the directions. The update takes about 30 minutes.

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  1. good morning Joy
    i updated my gypsy around midnight i was busy all day creating my grandsons first birthday card from me if you want to see it i posted pictures of it on my facebook under my pictures also i made my niece a wedding card. I made 2 nephews cards also but didn’t post them cause i was afraid they would see them before i sent them. I am getting around better on the gypsy i have the welding down pat now to do the layering process was watching you video’s on that yesterday.
    if you haven’t already guess it takes this old woman a little a while to process things i think its an age thing………. gotta go vicky

  2. I updated my gypsy on friday so need to check and see if they were updated. thanks so much for this informaiton you give us. You are awesome.


  3. So Joy, do you think the MS cake cartridges will be offered anywhere else besides HSN? I really, really want them, but dont want to pay $70 each.

  4. For some reason, the last two updates did not include the “Celebrate with Flourish” Lite cartridge. Hmm….

  5. I so wish I had a gypsy or something that I could weld things together that I am working on. So far I don’t have any of the programs or the gypsy. 🙁
    angel hugs

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