New Provo Craft Product You Could Win – Here’s How

I just got this interesting email and thought I’d share it with you.  Good luck my crafty friends!!  Provo Craft and others always come out with interesting things to excite us prior to and during CHA.  CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association.  They have a big convention and trade show twice a year where they announce things for the upcoming seasons.  The summer one is like early Christmas for crafters.  This year it’s being held in Chicago.  You can click HERE for more information about CHA.

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  1. MondosGirl says:

    Is CHA open to the public? I live about 4 1/2 hours from Chicago but would love to go!

    1. There are 2 days open to the public! Woo Hoo!!
      Here’s a link to more info about CHA.

  2. I have enjoyed my Provo Craft products. I cann’t wait to see what else they are coming out with. They are very user friendly. My crafts have been a great outlet for me. Would love to go to CHA.

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