Flashback Friday – Day 5 Joy’s Life Give A Ways

I need to get this out of my system.  Plug your ears.  Sings “first cut” song.

I went on for a while, but that’s all I felt like letting you hear today. I wasn’t really vocally prepared for a crowd this big. You know what I mean?  Could I get a water?!  My dressing room had better only have watermelon Blow Pops in it or you’ll hear from my manager.

And along those lines…today’s Give A Way is sponsored by…hey, uh…who’s got today?  Oh yeah…that’s ME.

Now you get why I was singing the first cut song, right?  No, it WASN’T just to show off.  I always sing Bobby McGee when I want to show off.  So there.

Well, the Flashback part of this Friday is mostly viewer participation.  (Wait…I’m having a Rocky Horror flashback…an…tici…pation…ok, it passed.)  Anyway, you have the unique opportunity to check out stuff I posted before.  I mean, some classics!

Here is a link to my favorite uses for the Deep Cut Blade…which by the way is (obviously) today’s give-a-way.

Cutting Cereal Boxes (and my creations)

Cutting Shrinky Dinks

Cutting Foam

Cutting Felt

Alrighty my friends!  You know what to do. 🙂  Leave me a comment and I’ll use Random.org to choose a winner Monday, August 2, 2010.  Ok?  Good luck everyone!!

Happy Friday to Ya!


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  1. Thanksvfor the opportunity, your giveaways make me want to try new things. I hope I win if not I’m going to have to buy one. Thanks for sharing with your friends!

  2. Thanks for the giveaways this week. I LOVE learning so many new things from your site! Thanks for being so inspirational!!

  3. Thanks for knowing all the things I need!! Guess that’s what twins are for!!! You blow MS out of the water!!! LOL!!!

  4. You crack me up – I love, love, love reading your posts and your videos are GREAT!! Thanks for doing this fun give-a-way!! I posted a “shout” out on my blog – hopefully more people will hop over:)

    ~abbie over at cricut me that

  5. Another must have for the Cricut. Would love to win this, before I wind up in a craft store buying one and a bunch of other stuff I probably don’t need. There is a reason my husband has banned me from them. LOL Good luck.

  6. I need to get one of these. I have been into making mini albums and I jut got the Bind It All so this would be great to cut my own chipboard. Thanks Joy.

  7. Just found your blog…you are very funny! Love the blog and this giveaway! Thanks!!

  8. Is it too lately? I DEEPLY regret that I’m so late getting on here to leave a comment!! 😉

  9. I have the blade and I have used it once so far. I am looking forward to playing around with it some more. I just am overwhelmed with all the things you can do with Cricut. You have been an inspiration and very helpful with your videos. Thanks Joy!

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