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Happy Day! Cricut Cartridges Arrived + Winter Woodland Info

It took forever…but my cartridges arrived yesterday!

Woo hoo!!  I’m looking so forward to playing with these!  First, I have to label them all.  You know me.  I label all my booklets before I use my cartridges.  Do you?

I came up with this way to label Cricut booklets!

You can click the link above or the photo below to go to my “How to Label Cricut Booklets” Tutorial.

Now, back to my new cartridges…  😀

Why the Winter Woodland Cartridge ROCKS!!!…

Did you know that the new cartridge Winter Woodland has a full alphabet font on it?  It also has a FULL SHADOW FOR THE FONTS!!  It’s great!!  If you could only get 1 of the 4 in the photo above, I’d say Winter Woodland is the cart to have.  It’s FULL of cool cuts PLUS cuts to make a 3-D VILLAGE AND a complete alphabet.  You’re going to find this cart REALLY USEFUL, I think.

I’m going to be walking in that Winter “Wonder”Woodland
really soon!  (I know, an awful play on song words, as well as quite a stretch.  I’m usually so very punny. 😐 )

Go Make Something Awesome!!

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