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Cricut Shall We Dance Wall Vinyl Dancing Lady – Help Me Choose a Quote

I need your help!!  I can’t decide what quote to put with this pretty dancing lady.  It’s on the wall in my new craft room (previously a guest room/kid’s game room that they kindly gave up for me).  I’m mostly moved in to my new room but have done no decorating.  What would you put on the wall as the quote?  I’ll narrow the ideas you give me down to a few of my favorites and then let you all vote for your faves on Facebook.  Whichever one gets the most votes will go on my craftroom wall!

I just LOVE this pretty wall vinyl decoration I created using the Cricut Shall We Dance cartridge.  Having trouble finding that cart?  It was a Cricut Circle release.  If you’re part of the Cricut Circle but missed that cartridge release you can currently find it on the Cricut Rewards site for 1000 points.

Need vinyl?  I like to buy mine from Expressions Vinyl.

Does this mat seem long?  It is!

I used my Cricut Expression 2 and the Cricut 12-by-24-Inch Cutting Mat to create the largest cut that I could without using my Gypsy.  If I’d used my Gypsy I could have made the image longer and thinner to fit the mat completely.  I did do that when I made these angels for my walls Christmas 2010.

That’s what I’ll be cutting.  I love how the CE2 shows where the image will cut before it does.  What a nice touch.  No guess work!  Love it!  This is the main image.  I’ll also be adding layers of vinyl to this base cut.

Here I’m cutting the eyes and hair.  Remember to make the image what YOU want.  I stuck with these colors because I like red and am a brunette, but this chickie could easily be a blonde, redhead or even have green hair if you so desire!  Make the skin tone whatever best fits you.  Change up the dress for some added fun.

All right!  We’re all cut out and ready to layer!  I used transfer tape to make my vinyl layering MUCH EASIER!

Questions about using vinyl with your Cricut?  Check out my Cricut Vinylology DVD. 😉

Friends Ruthie & Theresa made me that banner for my b’day!

Now she’s all layered and living happily on a short wall in my craft room.  She may look small, but she’s about 17″ long.  You know what used to be on that wall?  This vinyl wall art.  Clicking here will show you how the room used to look.  Now that it’s not a kid game/guest room I’m girling it up a little. 😉


Don’t forget to help me out by leaving your quote ideas ON THIS POST  for that part of the wall where the dancing lady now lives.  I’ll choose my top favorite suggestions and then have everyone vote on Facebook for their favorites out of the ones I choose.  The winner goes on my craft room wall!  🙂  FUN!!

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  1. How about “I lived, I loved, I danced…”
    or “Dancing is poetry for the feet.”

    Cute vinyl dancer. I am almost ready to venture into vinyl. I would love to find an assorted package of different colors to start with.

  2. Hello Joy – i found this quote online & i really like it.

    “While I dance I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life. I can only be joyful and whole. That is why I dance.” ~Hans Bos

    Good luck sweetie

    krista 🙂

  3. or you could do this one.

    “Through head, hands, feet or heart……Be creative !”

  4. “Crafting makes me feel like dancing!” Or “Creative feet are dancing feet!”

  5. Marilyn has nothing on me.

    Scarlet makes me sassy.

    Pardon me while I craft.

    Just a few thoughts.


  6. Dance like no one is watching!
    Love your new “lady” on your wall, Joy!!
    Teresa K
    happiqueen at aol dot com

  7. My first option has already been said, so I will go with my second one. Today is your day, so dance!


  8. Very nice work Joy, congrats on the revamped space.
    (I revamped the carport)
    How about :
    Dancing Queen…..Scrapping Queen.


  9. Wow Joy, these are some good quotes I’ve read so far. I’ll add a little more to choose from:

    “Just Dance…”
    “I Hope You Dance…” (from the song)
    “Step, Spin, Scrap”
    “Jump n’ Jive for JOY”

    Hope this helps, Smooches… Felicia

  10. First thing that popped into my li’l ol’ head was:-

    “I could’ve danced all night”.

    LOVE that song and still sing it in the shower! LOL (w/ my li’l pooch howling along w/ me!) LOL

  11. wow, there are some good suggestions. It would be hard to choose. I first thought was:
    I feel pretty…..oh so pretty

  12. “Dance the night away.”
    Crafty dancer
    ” I could have danced all night, but I chose crafting instead”

    mjrick1224 at yahoo dot com

  13. This is such a fluid image you can almost hear the music. You seem like such a lively fun person. I would pick “A Life of JOY!”

  14. Well how about these…
    Joy’s Life (a little branding??)
    Super Star
    Super Scrapper
    Sassy Scrapper
    and now for a quote…”You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.”

  15. my heart sings!!

    seize your dream

    hey diva or diva joy

    May you always dance


  16. I always liked this one:

    Dance as if no one were watching,

    Sing as if no one were listening, and

    Live every day as if it were your last.

    Irish Proverb

    Kathi (ksilvia2007 at yahoo)

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