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Vinyl Compass Wall Decor from Cricut Wall Decor & More

There’s no such thing as a perfect wall…at least not when you have kids.  Also, there’s no such thing as finding a place in my house where Joy didn’t at some point start hammering nails randomly for some picture.  I’m patient with vinyl…not with nails.  There are nail holes from pictures past to the right and left of the W and the E.  This is why walls are more safe when I use vinyl.  No nails required.

Oh, yeah…that baby is level!  The swirls are from the Home Accents cartridge.  I needed to make them bigger than what would fit on my 12×12 mat in the current cartridge configuration that was on Wall Decor and More.  Do you want to know more about using vinyl with your Cricut?  I happen to have a DVD that is PERFECT for you!!

For more about Joy’s Life Cricut Vinylology DVDCLICK HERE.

But wait…there’s MORE!!

So, THIS is the kid’s playroom/game/tv/computer/hangout/guest room.  It has some weird curves to it.  I’ve repurposed this room many times over the years, but this is my favorite use for it because the kids enjoy it and use it all the time.  The only thing is…since I bought some furniture for it and repainted it…I didn’t do any more decorating.  You know what I think?  This room needs more vinyl and stuff!  Plan to see this room showcased again over the coming months as I spruce it up a bit and give it some more personality!

Thanks for coming to Joy’s Life!!

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  1. I hate “the look” . My husband acts like I’m pounding nails into his head. I could also be that for some reason I can’t see straight ( need to lay off the cooking sherry) and to hang one little picture I end up with 50 holes in the wall…well not that bad but you get the picture! Really like the vinyl look. That is very cool. One question though…when you peel it off do I need a can of paint near by to patch up any possible peelings? thanks for sharing Joy!!

    1. Hey Poppycock,
      I discuss how to do this in the DVD, but I’ll tell you that if you’re using indoor vinyl the manufacturers usually suggest leaving it on no more than 2 years in order to be able to get it off without a problem. 😉 After (approximately) the 2 year mark…you may need to grab your paint. Of course, there are a lot of different experiences depending on the wall age/texture/vinyl used/etc. Some people have no trouble getting it off…others do. 😉

  2. My hubby gives me that look in whatever I do with walls – if it was up to him – they’d be completely empty. (boring!!)
    I am getting into “vinyling” up the grandkids rooms and our 5yr old’s room.
    BUT how in the world can you vinyl superman and batman with all those layers!!! which is what we have made using card stock! is this on your video??

    1. Hey Scrappingnanamom,
      I sure do discuss how to layer vinyl in the video. 😀 It can be tricky!! 😉

  3. Love this vinyl cut, it is pefect for the room and looks great on your wall. Can’t wait to see what else you do to it.
    Kim xXx

  4. WOW! It looks great Joy! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the room!

    Ruthie 🙂

  5. super cute!

  6. mom2gabman says:

    that looks awesome!! thanks for sharing! I plan on using vinyl in my near future so will be def. getting your DVD any day now.


  7. Ive just ordered your vinyl D.V.D. and Im hoping you ship to Australia ,as I would really love to have this D.V.D. Thank you and Im so looking forward to getting it .

    1. Thanks so much Thea Lee! I do ship to Australia. 😀

  8. Cant wait to get it Joy .Thanks heaps

  9. Great work. Can’t wait to see more of the room vinyled up.

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