Easy Coiled Yarn Button Embellishment

YOU can make this at home!  The orange one on blue paper is the one that I made.

I saw these coiled jute embellishments in a magazine ad and thought they were so pretty.  The more I looked at them I began to realize that I could make some similar looking ones with some things I had (and you probably have too) already on hand.

XXL Glue Dots are the best invention of the past crafty year.

Using some Glue Dots XXL adhesive and yarn I bought way back in October, I got started.  The process is much like it was when I covered this egg with twine.  You start with a small circle and build out.  Simple as store bought pie!

The circle is almost complete.

 I left a little bit of an opening in the middle of this yarn circle because I was planning on putting a smaller Glue Dot in the center and attaching a button.  When you’re creating your yarn embellishment you just stick and turn, stick and turn.  It’s so easy.  The hardest thing is not sticking yourself to the dot…which I did, of course.

Now I’m using some Glue Dots Pop Up Dots to stick the button to the yarn embellishment.  These dots are strong.

This is not a jellyfish. It’s a giant dot of glue.

UNAPPEALING!!  Don’t panic though.  It’s just the back of the Glue Dotted embellishment we just created.  I have to peel it off the backing and then lay it down on the paper.  You know what would be easier?  Lay the Glue Dot on the paper FIRST and then wind the yarn around it.  Guess who was having a “duh moment” today?  Uh, that would be ME.

Side of embellishment.

I like the texture and dimension of this embellishment.

Success! We have a circle!

After laying the embellishment on top of some blue cardstock, I cut the cardstock in a circle.  I think these would make great card and/or scrapbooking embellishments, don’t you?  Here’s another idea I had for using Glue Dots and making round embellishments.

Do you remember why I bought a bunch of yarn?  It’s because I went “POM CRAZY” back in October.  Check out this POM post for more explanation.

I hope you enjoyed this idea!


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hen9975 says:
April 30, 2012 at 12:02 PM

What a GREAT idea!! Thanks for sharing….those XXL glue dots are on my list to buy….I am hoping to get a bind-it all soon….may be this gift certificate will be just what I need to purchase it! Thanks for the chance to win!
Happy Monday!!

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  1. Thanks for the chance at a givaway! One day I’m looking forward to owning an endless supply of adhesive! I’m always running out in the middle of a project, so I guess it’s time to stock back up!

  2. What a Genious idea!!!!!! Ima gonna find me some of those!!!!! 😉

  3. I really love this idea ! Would be very very cool for cards and layouts since they are flat. thanks for sharing Joy. Let’s see…I guess I would love to buy some of those XXL Glue Dots since it is the one size I don’t already have in my stash. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. This is a really cute idea!!! Thanks for sharing. I would like to really buy a good hot glue gun. I have a cheap dollar store one and I don’t know why! LOL!!!!

  5. Love these yarn buttons and have a ton of scrap yarn! As soon as PROM is over and I’m out of my current nightmare, I intend to spend some quality time in my craft room. Lots of cards for Graduation, thank you(s) and Mother’s Day cards to get out. Oh, and a few Birthdays in there! Thanks for the chance to WIN something, I could sure use a lift.

    Just Plum Tired OUT. 🙂

    [email protected]

  6. I am so looking forward to owning the large Cricut! I can’t wait to try ALL projects you & your team put together! And thank you for the chance to win something in your giveaway!!!

  7. Thanks for showing us how to make the yarn & button embellishment. I like the new log in for comments. Have always liked checking out your blog but was lazy about taking the time to log in to leave a comment.

  8. Cool new project….not something I ever would have thought of. I guess maybe I would like to buy a gypsie next. I have a cricut and love it but would like something that can easily travel so I can create projects and then easily hook up to my cricut once I am home again. The laptop is not always the best way to go. Thanks again for the great project ideas and the great design team projects that you display on your site.

  9. Love the idea of the coiled yarn! I’m going to try it tonight with some thick twine I have. And I love your stamps – saw them at the Ginger Snap Scrap shop and couldn;t ecide which one I would get first! I am now a follower and am keeong my fingers crossed for the great givawy you have with them! Thanks for the chance to win one of your stamp sets!

    Lisa – Scrappy Distractions
    lisa dot rea at kbmg dot com

  10. Thanks so much!!! I just emailed you..hope you got it!!
    Have a GREAT rest of the weekend!!

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