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How to Etch Glassware

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How to Etch Glassware #showmetheshine @Target #Ad

My in-law’s 50th anniversary is coming up and I thought they would love some glasses with “50” glass etched on them to commemorate the occasion and to use at the party.   So, I purchased a case of inexpensive glassware and got to work!

How to Etch Glassware #showmetheshine @Target #Ad

The first thing I did was to wash the glasses.  Etching should be done to a clean surface.

How to Etch Glassware #showmetheshine @Target #Ad

This box of glasses was less than $20, so this is a great affordable gift to give or to make and keep for yourself!  Just sayin’.  LOL!

How to Etch Glassware #showmetheshine @Target #Ad

See why I said wash them first?  They look pretty clean when you take them out of the box but upon closer inspection you see this mess.  I don’t deal with that.

How to Etch Glassware #showmetheshine @Target #Ad

I put them all in the dishwasher and popped in a Finish® Quantum Max™  tablet and let it do it’s job.  Isn’t that tablet cute?  My nails almost match it perfectly.

How to Etch Glassware #showmetheshine @Target #Ad

There that looks MUCH better…and since I didn’t have to do anything by hand, my nails still look awesome.  Bonus!

How to Etch Glassware #showmetheshine @Target #Ad

You can find  Finish® Quantum Max™ at Target (where you can find so many awesome things).  I picked up some nail polish in spring colors there.  Hello, warm weather!

Let’s Glass Etch!

How to Etch Glassware #showmetheshine @Target #Ad

To glass etch:

  1. Cut a shape or word out of vinyl.  I’m using a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine to cut “50”. You could also cut things out by hand.
  2. Remove vinyl from the areas you want to etch.
  3. Lay transfer tape over the vinyl and burnish the tape to the vinyl by using a squeegee or a credit/debit/gift card.
  4. Life the transfer tape with the vinyl attached to it, from the backing
  5. Lay the vinyl onto the glass.  (Do the best you can here.  Adding vinyl to a round area can be tricky.  Use a kraft knife to cut the vinyl in areas so that you can better get it to lay flat.  Make sure there are no bubbles or lifted areas vinyl where you plan to etch.  Remember, anything not covered by vinyl will be etched, if you get etching cream on it.
  6. Use a sponge brush to apply the glass etching cream to the areas you want to etch.  Be careful not to get the cream on your skin.  Make sure to read the cautions on the bottle!
  7. I let my glasses sit for 20 minutes with the etching cream on them.
  8. Wash the glasses off.
  9. Remove the vinyl.
  10. Wash the glasses again like we did when we started!
  11. Ta da!  You’re finished!

Here are some other projects I’ve glass etched.

How to Etch Glassware #showmetheshine @Target #Ad

Have you glass etched before?  What’s your favorite thing to etch?  Or are you planning your first etching project?  I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Hi Joy! I did try glass etching as a gift several years ago. My only disappointment was that I would have liked it to be more “etched” than it was. I think I just needed to leave it on longer than the instructions suggested! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. So I’ve never etched glasses before, but I totally want to give it a try after seeing this. This looks like a great way to mix things up with a little spring cleaning in the kitchen! Thanks for the idea! #client

  3. Mary winstanley says:

    Joy, I have tried etching before, but I didn’t get as good of results as you did. Mine was a little blotchy. I love the look and need to try it again.

  4. My glassware and pots and pans could use a good cleaning! I’m excited to try Finish because of all the success stories of glasses coming out spot free.

  5. Donna O'Neil says:

    I’ve never tried to etch before. If I would try it would be on some Riedel Os for my upcoming 40th b-day party.

  6. Your glasses turned out really nice. I need to try this technique. I just need some special occasion!

    1. Thank you, Kate! One fun quick project is to make monogrammed (or just a single letter) plate. Just buy a glass plate at the dollar store or a hobby store and etch the letter of your or the recipient’s last name. It’s a nice way to deliver a yummy gift too!

  7. I am new to this machine and all of the wonderful things it can do. I have had embroidery machines from the cheapest to industrial size. I would like to know where to begin! I want to put Designs on shirts, etch glass, complete scrapbooking projects, and whatever these machines do. Begin?????

  8. I am a newbie to this. I have etched about 6 glasses. I want to learn to make the etch show up more. IS this done by leaving the etch cram on longer? I left it on for two minutes

    1. Hi Scrapper! Yes, I leave my glass etching cream on about 20 minutes. I hope that helps!

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