Sizzix Big Shot Pro Size Compared to the Regular Sizzix Big Shot

The Big Shot (in front) is sitting on top of the Big Shot Pro’s two foot tray.

Ok, here’s the long and short (so to speak) of these two machines.  These are both machines that I own and that’s a photo that I took of them next to each other.  I’m showing you this so you can see how GIGANTIC the Sizzix Big Shot Pro Machine is compared to the regular Big Shot.  I LOVE the Big Shot.  I love it so much that I recently bought the Big Shot Pro which I thought I just HAD to have.  It’s another terrific machine by Sizzix.  It works exactly the same way the regular Big Shot does.  The only difference?  Size.

The Big Shot Pro is 24 1/4″ x 15″ x 7 1/2.

The regular Big Shot is 14 1/4″ x 12 3/8″ x 6 5/8.”

Side view of Big Shot Pro with a Pro die sandwiched on the tray. (Handle on other side.)

I am actually sending my newly purchased Big Shot Pro back.  Why?  It’s just way too big.  If it folded easily for storage, I wouldn’t mind it but it’s just so bulky (and doesn’t fold at all).  Besides the size of the machine itself, you have to have several feet of clearance on either end of it so the tray can roll in and out.  It rolls fairly easily, even though it’s so big.  Don’t expect to carry it to crops though, the delivered package weighed about 50 lbs.  If you feel like dealing with a machine this big, the higher cost of the larger dies, then I recommend it.  Regardless about it not fitting my needs, it’s an excellent machine.  It can use all the dies the Big Shot can use as well as the Pro dies.  I’ll be sticking with my regular Big Shot though…and I’ll never complain about it being heavy again.

I actually bought the Big Shot Pro Westminster, which is the same as the regular Big Shot Pro, but it’s purple instead of blue.

Here’s a video comparing the regular Big Shot and the Cuttlebug.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Joy. Just this week I have been trying to make up my mind about which one to get. I love my cricut but sometimes I just want to cut something without getting out a cartridge and making sure my mat is sticky enough. This helps me make my decision.

  2. finecrafter says:

    Thanks for this review. I just splurged today on the sizzix westminster BSP and the size of it is one of my fears! Oh well, I’ll just have to see if I can find a good place for it! Anyway, the main reason I bought it was for the 12” width. I have this fantasy of making 12×12 embossing “plates” so I can finally emboss an entire page and not be limited by the tiny CB folders. I did get it for a decent price at so I don’t feel too bad about taking the risk. Just wondering if you knew if I need a crease pad to do embossing or not, I don’t think this machine comes with one. Of course I’ve been looking at some of the dies and they look cool but they’re sooo expensive! Thanks again!

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