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Vinyl Storage Ideas

I’ve recently gained some space in my craft room because I finally decided to give up the trundle bed that I had in there.  I loved that piece of furniture but it wasn’t useful in that space and I didn’t need it anywhere else in my house.  I was basically using it as a table and the trundle for vinyl storage.  You know what works better than a bed as a table?  An actual table.  LOL!  So, I sold the bed and am starting over.  Right now the craft room  looks like a hot mess.  I want it to be a pretty and useful place but I’m going to take my time to be sure it really suits my needs.  Need #1?  Putting all that vinyl that was under the bed…somewhere.

Here’s what I came up with for the short term:

Cheap Tension Rods

I bought 2 tension rods at Target.

A cheap bookcase

I’m going to use this cheapo bookcase that I’ve had for years and bend it to my will!  (Ok, I’m going to add the tension rods to it.)  LOL!

By the way, see how that cheap backing is pulling away from the bookcase?  You don’t have to put up with weakened and ugly bookcases and I’m not going to either.  Take the backing off and add inexpensive bead board.  I did that on three bookcases and it worked out great and cost under $25 for all three!  Here’s a post where I talk more about that.  I’ll be redoing this bookcase soon.

It’s like a baby gate for vinyl.

I removed a shelf and added the tension rods to help keep my vinyl in place.  I just bought this new sewing machine so I’m thinking of sewing a little curtain to be held taut by the rods.  Even if I don’t, this is working pretty well.  YAY!  Why yes, I did leave some junk on the floor!  LOL!

Vinyl, you’re so pretty!

I’m keeping all of my outdoor vinyl and any iron on vinyl that was super tall in here.  I’ve got my indoor and smaller vinyl on a different bookshelf.  I think there is no perfect answer for vinyl storage.  It just depends on your space and needs.  This cost me less than $7 and worked with what I already had so I’m pretty happy!  I hope this idea works for you!

These are other ways I’ve kept vinyl:

Time for some winyl!

Well, now that it’s all put away…it probably time to get it back out and get crafty!  LOL!  Here are some vinyl projects that I’ve done.

Need vinyl? I like to buy mine from Expressions Vinyl.

Have a crafty day!

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  1. Ummmm…… looks like someone may have a slight vinyl addiction!! LOL!!
    What a great way to store your vinyl! I think it looks great without the curtains, it’s so colorful!

  2. Great storage idea for your vinyl! I was ooohing and ahhing looking at all the pretty colors you have! 🙂 I feel I need to keep things visible in my room so I don’t forget that I have it!

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