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Vinyl Canvas Spring Rabbit from Cricut Kate’s ABC’s

I just HAD to have the Kate’s ABC’s Cricut cartridge, so much so that I totally overpaid for it.  Oh well, I’ll try not to think about that and instead I will focus on this cute vinyl creation I made from Kate using a flat board style canvas!

I’m using the Cricut Imagine to cut my vinyl.

More and more I find myself using my Cricut Imagine Machine instead of my Cricut Expression.  I figure, it’s sitting there why not use it? 😛  The only thing that drives me crazy about it is that every time it finishes cutting, even when I extend the pull out in the front, it shoots my mats onto the floor if I’m not there to catch them.  Hello!?  If I wanted to be a catcher, I’d play baseball.

UPDATE 2016: The Cricut Imagine and Cricut Expression are no longer being produced. Here are the current machines.

Here’s the first layer!  I use transfer tape to aid in positioning my vinyl.  I also coated the canvas with Mod Podge a day before I was ready to use the canvas.  If you want to learn about layering vinyl, kinds of vinyl, transfer tape, laying vinyl on a curved surface, glass etching with vinyl AND SO MUCH MORE…you will love my Cricut Vinylology DVD.  It’s over 3 hours of information and projects about how to use vinyl with your Cricut.

It’s starting to take shape!  I do wish I had a lighter pink and lighter green vinyl on hand.  Time to go shopping!

There are a lot of bumps and texture to this canvas, so the shiny rabbit shows some of the texture beneath him.  You can get rid of air bubbles, but you cannot rid your project of texture from the surface below. 😉  Now I just need to add the flower centers and the tall grass.

TA DA!!!  I just love this sweet bunny!  Don’t those flowers look pretty with it?  I thought so.  I also used them because they were still on my craft desk from the last project I did with them.  They’re so pretty; I’m not ready to put them away!   I hope you enjoyed this project. 🙂


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  1. Wow…. I’ve never been the first to comment on ANY blog….let alone SUPER JOY’S!!
    Love this project! I so want Kate’s ABC’s..but have not found it in the store! Guess I would also be willing to overpay! LOL!!
    I like the way the texture shows through on the bunny.
    Gives him a “fur like” texture!
    I’m not seeing your “hover” comments…. am I missing them somehow??
    Thanks Joy! Always love your work and I’m gonna order the Vinyl DVD!

  2. That is super cute. I love it!!! Thanks for sharing

  3. janette09 says:

    So cute!
    I also think Kate’s ABC’s is too expensive I went and splurged on Baby Steps for the same reason

  4. This is so springy! I like it. I am going to be making my g-daughter some pink and purple vinyl owls for her room. (I know, I know, but “Mimi, these are my favorite colors!”) They live in a rental house so we can’t do anything permanent and they will match her spread.

  5. Oh I love this. I love working with vinyl and this is a super idea

  6. Very cute! Spring is in the air and this project makes me want to start creating.

  7. Oh, this is a perfect project for spring home decor…love that bunny and the textured vinyl…tfs!

  8. CathyinMN says:

    Such a cute spring project! TFS!

  9. I love this cart as well but haven’t broken down and overpaid yet! 😉 Love your project, so springy!

  10. GrannyCharlotte says:

    This is so cute!!! I can understand why you bought this cartridge. Guess I’ll be looking for one soon also. Thanks for sharing. The project is so sweet. Love the pink flowers and the bunny. Happy Easter!!!

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