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Cricut Easter Cartridge Overlay & Easter Basket Info

I have gotten a TON of questions about the Easter 2010 Seasonal cartridge.   The #1 Question?  “Where is that Easter basket you made because I can’t find it anywhere on the overlay?”  SuperJoy to the rescue.  Dah, dah, dah, dah, da, dahhhhh!!

So, here it is! 😀

The other question I get is, “What size did I cut the basket?”  Well, I used a 12×12 piece of paper in my Cricut Expression and pressed “Fit to Page”.  I didn’t write it down and don’t have my Expression near me right now, or I’d tell you. 😉  What I suggest is that if you are using a baby bug (Cricut Personal or Create), you just start with 5 1/2″ on a test piece of paper and see how it turns out.

Here’s the link to the How to Score the Basket Post: How to Score the Easter Basket

Here’s the link to the basket I made: The Easter Basket Completed

Here’s the image sheet that came with the Easter cartridge.

I hope this helps you!!

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