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    1. I'm so glad you all like it! :D Thank you for the great feedback! I appreciate you all being here and being a part of my site! :D ~Joy~
  1. fantastic! Joy are you still using the Make the cut software. I just bought a new computer for the express purpose of downloading and buying the software so I can cut out other things that are not in the cricut library. I played with the demo, but I think I want the actual disk. I tend to crash things and I don't mean on the pun intended, well maybe a little one. Happy crafting everyone
  2. this is the bomb. Thanks. it was great. i printed and put it in with my carts. and gave one to hubby as a wish list. lol
  3. OOO!! I love this...Now I can keep track of Carts. that I have and hopefully my Husband will take the hint and buy the ones I don't :) GREAT IDEA!!!
  4. This is GREAT......Thank you for taking the time do this and sharing with us.You just made my life so much easier.
  5. Joy, I just love your blog. You are talented and funny - great combo! Thanks so much for putting together the cartridge list.
  6. Thanks Joy For All Ways Thinking About Us,This Check List Will Come in so Handy, I Made A few Copies all Ready, : )
  7. This list is great! Will help me deciding what cartridges to get next thanks a bunch! Your website is really neat too! great info

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