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Lollipop (Blowpop) Flower Using Walk In My Garden Cartridge

This is Teacher Appreciation Week.  I made this fun flower for DS#2’s teacher.

This was a fun little project.  You can use any flower cut from any cartridge.  For ease of making, it helps if you choose a 5 petal flower and it’s easiest if that flower cut has fairly wide petals.

You’re going to cut 2 flowers that are the same size.  These are about 4″.  I used the blossom cut from page 87 in the WIMG cartridge.  If you don’t already have holes in the center of the flowers, cut one in each for the lollipop stick to go through.  To form the inner part of the flower you’ll need to cut one petal off of one of the flowers.  When you cut, go all the way to the center hole snipping the petal off in sort of a tear drop shape with the widest end being the outer part of the petal.  Then, roll what’s left into a cone.  Tape or glue two of the petals together so that you end up with 3 petals showing.  (See photo)

Slip your lollipop, in this case a Charms blowpop, into the holes that you’ve either cut for the stick or holes that were already in the flower image you used.  If you cut them yourself it’s easier to have a snug fit with the lollipop/sucker.  Then you can tie a ribbon below the paper petals and have it stay securely.  If you choose to go with the flower cut that already has a hole cut in it, you’re going to have to use some different techniques to make it fit.  This may be a job for the hot glue gun! 😉  For a pretty effect, use the stick of your lollipop/sucker to roll the ends of the petals up or down.

This is an easily adaptable quick project and there is no right or wrong way to do it.  Do it Your Way!

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  1. sy3_smith says:

    that is so neat joy! you make great things everytime!

  2. flowerskissing says:

    so cute. i seen this in a parenting magazine. it was used for valentines for the kids for school. too cute!

  3. patches_523h says:

    To cute!!! ty for the idea

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