Stand & Salute Cricut Tank Birthday Card…

Get it?!  A BLAST?!!  I’m sooo funny. Ok, totally kidding about how funny I am.  I do, however, have a flair for the obvious. 😉

Once again (I’m starting to wonder why I even point this out, since it’s more the rule than the exception.), I waited until the last minute to make something for an occasion that was the same day.  I know.  I said I would stop doing that.  Why didn’t you stop me?!  Couldn’t you just feel another of my unattainable goal moments coming on?  I mean, you do know me by now.  What’s the point of outing my poor planning if you guys aren’t going to try and save me from myself?  Oh well.  Maybe next time.


I used my sweet Gypsy to weld all those letters together.  I think they are from Sesame Street Font…but don’t quote me on that one.  It’s been a long day of dragging kids all over creation.  So, just this once…I’m unsure.  What I am sure about is that I used the Stand and Salute cartridge to make the tank frame.  I LOVE IT!!  Then I inked up my Cuttlebug Mistletoe Kisses 5×7 embossing folder with Stampin’ Up’s Classic Chocolate Chip water based dye ink and ran the tank frame through my Big Shot.  (I talk a little about that here.)  I was SOOOO happy with the result!  Plus, it was the first time I used ANY of my new Christmas Cuttlebug folders that I just had-to-have (don’t tell DH, ’cause I told him I had to have them for Christmas because I had sooo many ideas…then I didn’t use a single one…it happens.) SHHHH!!!

Next, I squirted some glue on the tank from my “The Essential Glue Pad” bottle from Tsukineko.  Yep, really I know that the bottle is supposed to be squirted onto the pad…but I didn’t have time to follow the standard rules.  I had waited until the last minute, again!!  It was every glue bottle for himself!  So, I squirted the glue directly onto the tank and rubbed it around with my fingers. (nice, huh?…It’s like I’m in preschool all over again.)  Then I poured gold embossing powder over the gluey area.  I heated that with my trusty heat gun and Voila!!  A glittery tank.  Just like the soldiers use.  Well, maybe that part isn’t exactly true. 😛

I really do love the much ignored Stand and Salute cartridge.  I’m always finding new uses for it.  This card was for a little boy who loves the video game Halo.  He LOVED the card!  So, YAY ME!!  Between you and me, I could have done so much more with this card if I had started earlier, but it made the kiddo happy, so I figure..woo hoo!!

Check out Stand and Salute.  I’ve used it before here too

You can usually find it super cheap on eBay.  You’re gonna be wishing you’d bought it now come the 4th of July.  You know I’m right! 😀

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  1. I have started wedding invitations for my daughters wedding in August. I am so happy that I am not waiting until the last minute. We have a lot of cutting, embellishing and making to do. I am for now using the wizard. Geeze talk about your arm hurting from all that cranking. I am waiting patiently for OH my crafts to send the rest of my supplies so I can start cranking out butterflies and do the inside return cards.

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