12 Days of Christmas Give Away Extended & THANK YOU

Hi Friends!  I hope you all enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas event here on Joy’s Life.  I sure had a fun time creating things and showing off some of the great sponsor products as well as my own things. 😉  I have decided to extend the time for you to be able to leave comments to be entered for the give aways until Dec 15…that’s this Wednesday!  I felt like we needed to extend the time due to the blog hop just ending yesterday and that delicious Gingerbread Cricut cartridge being offered.  Oh, I keep forgetting it’s not edible.  Sad.  😉

Here’s a link to all of the posts from the 12 Days of Christmas.

You can leave one comment on each of the days to be entered for the Give Aways.

Thank You to all of the great sponsors who donated things for my 12 Days of Christmas Event!!  I appreciate your generosity!  Here’s a list of all of the sponsors.  I hope you’ll go take a look at their sites:

Day 1 Sponsor – Cri-kits

Day 2 Sponsor – 3M Post-It Craft Paper

Day 3 Sponsor –BIC Mark-It Markers

Day 4 Sponsor – TexasCraft.com (Papilio)

Day 5 Sponsor – Joy’s Life Products (Cricut Vinylology DVD)

Day 6 Sponsor – Joy’s Life Products (stamps)

Day 7 Sponsor – Best Craft Organizer.com (Spool & Store)

Day 8 Sponsor – Joy’s Life Products (stamps)

Day 9 Sponsor – Custom Crops.com

Day 10 Sponsor – 3M Post-It Craft Paper

Day 11 Sponsor – Tulip – ILovetoCreate.com

Day 12 Sponsor – It’s a BLOG HOP with tons of ideas & give aways.  Be sure to visit everyone! 😀


Don’t forget…tomorrow is the 14th which means it’s Super Joy loves her Super Friends Day!!  I hope you’ll be here for a crafty post and give away! 😀

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  1. Loved the 12 days of christmas you did.....great ideas. Can't forget the hop, it was awesome too!!! Crystal
  2. Thank You Joy. The blog hop was so much fun. It gave me just what I needed to find crafts for my daughter's birthday party on Friday. Soap snowballs and sugar scrub!! Have a Merry Christmas!
  3. Thanks so much for doing the 12 Days of Christmas Joy.....your ideas are all amazing and it truly helped kick me into the holiday spirit this year!!!
  4. I had so much fun looking at all the projects and look forward to trying them. I watched your video again with the vinyl snowflakes and guess what I made yesterday. Woo hoo snowflakes. They turned out wonderful. I am just finishing them up today! Thanks for sharing Hugs
  5. Thankyou Joy ....it has been fun looking forward to each morning to see what you have been up to,
  6. Thanks for all you wonderful ideas for the 12 days of Christmas - its been fun reading every day!!
  7. Had so much fun going through the blog hop. A lot of great ideas. Plan on trying some of them. Thanks Joy
  8. Joy, I loved seeing all of the projects you did for your 12 Days of Christmas. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. I also really had a great time on the blog hop. Thanks for all of the teaching and the inspiration to create.
  9. Thank you Joy. You really inspire me I love the people I follow and you are one of the best. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration, and for zippy to. You needed a zippy. Thank you
  10. THANK YOU for all the great ideas! And thank you to Zippy for helping you with some of your projects! :-)
  11. Your Twelve Days of Christmas was soooo fun, and sooo was the Blog hop, so many GREAT ideas....I can't wait to get crafting this week...... THANKS JOY!!!!!!!
  12. I have had so much fun waiting to see what you would do next. The giveaways are awesome. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.
  13. Thanks Joy enjoyed your web pages. Looking forward to more good ideas. Have a Merry Christmas
  14. Thank you for doing the 12 Days and all the ideas you have given. The hop was great also. Thanks for all you do. quilt 4 fun 2 at hot mail dot com
  15. I'm so excited about your cuttlebug give-a-way and hope I win!!!!!Then I can craft more things with my talented 8 year old grand daughter, Carlina! We have so much fun crafting! Wouldn't this make a great Christmas gift for the both of us?! Let your little Santa read my wish list!
  16. I brought Humphrey in here to see zippy and he has not been in the last few posts. Hmmmm maybe I need to keep him away from Zippy, he might get ideas. What wonderful projects and thanks for extending it. We went lowtech this weekend that was amazingly cool. And talked more then we had in years. I think my family will do a once a month lowtech weekend. Time to reconnect with everyones busy schedules and all.
  17. I feel like Christmas has come already - I just found this blog and can hardly believe all the wonderful ideas! I think the vinyl angels are my favorite -- and it totally impresses me because I am still trying to figure out how to use the gypsy! Thank you so much for all this yummy goodness.
  18. The blog hop was fantastic, Joy! Thanks so much for putting it on! I have so many great ideas now. Carren
  19. I have had the most inspirational journey on Your 12 days of Christmas, you did an amazing job!! Thank you so much and Happy Happy Holidays to you and Mr. Zippy!!

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