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Joy’s Life Design Team Spotlight – MELISA

Mice are great gift givers.

Today I wanted to show off some of the work created by Joy’s Life Design Team member, Melisa.  Isn’t that rosette she made fun and festive?  This would be so cute on display or even as decoration for a winter party.  Adorable!  The Merry Christmas sentiment comes from the Joy’s Life Wintery Puns stamp set.

A snowy orna-ment effect.

I LOVE 3D creations. It’s soooo cute!!  With this card, she gave a snowy effect to the “Orna-ment for each other” stamp from Wintery Puns and did a great job making such a pretty card.  (When I came up with that stamp saying I ran into the kitchen where – he’s never worked in there before – DH was working and had his work partner and our friend, Scott, over.  Anyway… I ran into the kitchen, stared at DH until he looked up from his laptop (bringing their collaboration to a screeching halt) and I said…”Oran-MENT for each other!!” and stared at him like, “Get it? Get it?” until he laughed.  Scott looked at me like I was crazy and I went back to our office so proud of myself.  Scott has not been back since.  Weird.)


I’m so glad Melisa made a card with this adorable bird.  I think dressed up birds are so cute.  Is that weird?  I can hear my Mom saying, “Yes, Joy, that’s weird.”  LOL!

The “Stay Toasty” sentiment is also from the Wintery Puns stamp set.  You could use this stamp with two glasses toasting (think New Year’s Eve), mittens, wintery dressed people and even toast!  I want to see this stamp used with some toast.  That sort of thing just cracks me up.


Thank you, Melisa!  This is DH’s very favorite stamp and for quite a while I’ve had to hear ALL ABOUT how I need to make a layout with some fun photos and use that stamp from the Wild Life Puns stamp set.  I really appreciate you getting me off the hook by making this adorable layout.  DH was so happy to finally see “his stamp” used like he imagined.  You know what?  I think he needs to paper craft.  He sure has a lot of ideas.  LOL!  Now if you want to see the rest of Melisa’s sweet layout you’ll have to go look at it here on the Joy’s Life Design Team blog.

Doesn’t Melisa take great photos?  I think so!

Thank you, Melisa, for sharing your creativity and being a great part of the Joy’s Life Design Team!

Take a look at Melisa’s Blog to see other things she’s created!

Be sure to check out the new Joy’s Life Design Team blog for more great designs!

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  1. LOVE the “We are the Wildlife” stamp… and the layout was PERFECT! But I guess you know that from post. Congratulations SUPER JOY (also known as my darling bride) on 2 million hits!!! WOW.. I remember when…

    I love you!

    1. Awwww, you are the best Super DH! I love you too! <3
      Melisa sure did rock that "We are the Wildlife" stamp didn't she? I'm clapping and giving the thumbs up. 😉
      Your BFF

  2. Okay, not only did you get 2 million hits, but you have the most awesome post ever written by a DH!! Double congrats to you!!

    And congrats to Melisa on being the featured DT member. You’re both totally fabulous and I am so honored to be working with both of you!!
    ?? Annette

  3. Saw your “hit” marker on facebook! Wow! Congrats on that! I just adore what you did with your cards and the layout stamp is too cute. I need that for my children! lol

  4. Those ornaments are so great!…I love little birdies all dressed up too.Thanks for sharing your creations with us!

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