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Football Jersey Travertine Tile Vinyl Drink Coasters – Football Friday

This week’s Football Friday celebrates Facebook voters choices of Penn State and the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Hey look! There are my little pom poms. I finally stopped making them for a while. Remember when I went through my pom pom obsession? I still love them but there are only so many poms one person needs. LOL!

Gypsy Screen showing Varsity Letter

I used the Sports Mania Cricut cartridge for the jerseys and the Cricut Lite Varsity Letter Cartridge for the font.

The Gypsy Hide Feature is Awesome!

I used my Gypsy to manipulate the jersey so I could hide and duplicate some pieces. Here I’ve hidden the shape of the jersey and left the detail. I did that so I could put the pieces I wanted in white on a separate screen from the jerseys I was cutting out in blue and red.

Here’s a Video on How to Use the Gypsy Hide Feature

Keep leftover vinyl on hand for smaller sized projects.

I used this leftover piece of vinyl to cut out some small pieces. Sadly, my Cricut didn’t do a very good job cutting out some of the pieces at the 1-3″ sizes I used. I was surprised that it didn’t do the job it usually does, but some letters/numbers/images don’t cut out well at small sizes.

All Cut Out and Ready to do its job.

The #1’s didn’t cut out well. Sad face. Oh well.

Again, a reflection is making the blue jersey look chalky, but it’s not.

I’m using travertine tiles that I picked up at Lowe’s. I got those fat stick on felt feet at Lowe’s (and later at Amazon) too. I like to put them on the bottoms of tiles so they won’t scratch table tops. They work like a charm!

Here’s another travertine tile I made!

All done! Party time!!

Remember, you can make these and change the jersey and team name to anything you need. You could use these coasters to help guests keep up with their drinks at a football party! Then they could take them home as a gift. You could make each guest a tile with their favorite team on it. If they all like the same team you could put their names on the sides instead. CUTE!

Want to learn how to use vinyl with your Cricut? Check out my Cricut Vinylology DVD!

All About Using Vinyl with Your Cricut!

I Hope You Have a Great Weekend!

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