Cricut Formal Occasions High Top Shoe Card

Can you believe I used the Cricut Formal Occasions cartridge to make those shoes?  In this case, it’s more of an INformal occasion wouldn’t you say?

I made this card for my Mom and actually stuck it in the mail right after I finished it.  YAY ME!  (I sometimes make cards and then don’t send them.  Bad me.)  Initially, I wanted to make her a card that had a woman running on it, but I just bought the Formal Occasions cartridge and decided to use it instead.  For those of you who would like a female runner image check out: Sports Mania, All Sports and the very rare Pink Journey cartridge.

Let me help you understand what image made exactly what cut.

See <Sneakers> on the bottom left hand side?  That made the green polka dotted part of the shoe.

<Snekr-s> next to the first box on the bottom made the solid green part of my shoes.

Going up to the top of the page: The left hand side of the LAYER 1 box made the blue tread of the shoe.  The right hand side of the LAYER 1 box made the green tread of the shoe.

The left hand side of the LAYER 2 box made the pink laces, bows and hearts.  I didn’t use any other cuts.

Do you place several papers on your Cricut mat?  I do when I remember.  It’s a time saver when you do it.  You just move your blade to the next thing you want to cut.  I actually cut some of these things out again because I didn’t like the paper I picked initially.

I wasn’t about to try to cut out all those tiny laces using paper.  No way!  So, I turned to my trusty crafting BFF…vinyl. 😉  Yep, the laces, bows and hearts are all made from pink vinyl.

Want to learn how to use vinyl in your Cricut?  I have a whole 2 Disc DVD about that!  You’ll LOVE IT!  It’s called Cricut Vinylology.

The shoes are cut at 3 1/2″.  I popped them up on the card using those giant pop dots.  I love those things. 😉  The “You Can Do It!” stamp is from my Mother & Daughter stamp set.  Perfect that I’m sending my Mom a card with a stamp from Mother & Daughter on it!  LOL! 😉

Here’s a vinyl beach scene I cut using the Formal Occasions Cricut cartridge.

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  1. Cute card! Love the vinyl idea!! Thx for sharing!

  2. Mardi Gras is over and now I can get back to some cardmaking and scrapbooking. Looking forward to my 3 day Scrapfest weekend in Mandeville, Louisiana. This is a cute card Joy. Love the shoes. I wouldn’t wear them either but they are cute. Thanks for sharing

  3. I hadn’t/haven’t seen this cartridge yet. Very cute. I like the idea of combining vinyl with the card. That’s something I’ll have to try.

  4. CathyinMN says:

    Such a cute card! I just started using vinyl a little and I agree, it’s much better to cut smaller pieces with vinyl than paper. I just ordered your Cricut Vinylology DVD since I want to use vinyl more in my crafting. Thanks for all of your inspiration!

  5. Cute color combo! Whatever your giving your mother inspiration for, this card will surely pep her up. Still haven’t gotten any vinyl, keep looking at it in the stores though. Your right it’s funny that these shoes would be on a formal occasions cartridge. Maybe the way you made them, they would pass. LOL!! TFS.

    [email protected]

  6. Those sneakers are really cute!! Very smart idea for your shoelaces…that would not be fun to glue!

  7. jenleisen says:

    Ok, Joy….I admit I’ve never used vinyl (but would love to!). But how is it that the laces were easier to do in vinyl than paper? Less tearing? Help me understand the mysteries of vinyl!!! 🙂 Thanks!


  8. Who would expect such things on this cartridge! It is a must have! Such a cute card! Thanks Joy!
    happiqueen at aol dot com

  9. Cute, cute card….LOVE all of the polka dots! I love finding hidden goodies on cartridges! 🙂

    ~Sharon C.

  10. Just too cute! My daughters love high top sneakers! This cart is on my wish list….thanks for sharing!

  11. What a cute card! I love the colors! I too, find it easier to cut thesmall pieces out of vinyl. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Super cute card. I never think to use my vinyl and paper together, but makes sense especially for tiny pieces. Thanks again for another awesome idea

  13. Cute card, love those shoes!!

  14. Cute card, love the colours you used for this.
    Kim xXx

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