Crocs on Everyday Paper Dolls Cricut Cart!!

I lied, that shoe is totally dirty.  Why do you think I put a words bubble over it?  Oh, the shame.

Are these the cutest cuts ever or what?!!  Crocs on a Cricut cartridge?!  LOVE IT!

About My Off-Brand “Crocs”:

I have hardwood floors in my kitchen and when I stand in there for a long time cooking (or calling for take-out) it hurts my feet!  So, I broke down and ordered some genuine Crocs…only to find that the REAL Crocs hurt my feet more than the hardwood floors.  Seemed like they didn’t fit my monkey feet correctly in any place.  So, I found those (photo above) faux-Crocs at Payless (cheap!) and they fit me just fine.  Well, fine”ish”.  I bought them a size too big, so I look a tad like a clown, especially in the orange ones.  One day my bug man, James, came by while I was wearing them and he couldn’t help but laugh, call them clown shoes and comment on their ugliness.  I couldn’t agree more, but they are comfy!!  I wear the orange ones inside and the black ones in the yard or for quickly jetting out to take the kids to school.  If I ask the kiddos to go get them for me I say, “Go get my orange ugly shoes for me, please!”  (That would be what I shout from the kitchen to whichever kid is available.)  They know exactly what I am talking about.

Here’s How you can make your own ugly shoes / CROCS.  Just Use:
Everyday Paper Dolls Cricut Cartridge

The Crocs are on page 61, under Accessories 1.

The little paperdoll nurse is wearing them.  If you’ve been to a hospital or Dr. office, you’ve found this to be true.  Hey, they know comfort…or else they’re just preparing to stand in my kitchen.  Either way.  They may be ugly “for real”, but this cut is SUPER CUTE!!

Now Pull on Your Ugly Shoes and Get Crafty!


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  1. sy3_smith says:

    I have a pair that I wear at school in res. They are perfect to wear around res because the hallways are tiled floor, you never know what the boys have spilt on their floors and I must walk through them. They work great in the bathroom as there is usually some spilled water from the sinks. : )
    ugly but they work. mine are green haha and are also a knock off, my feet are too small for the crocs, they don’t sit right in them

  2. flipflopdiva says:

    They might be ugly but they are comfy!!! The “real” ones hurt my feet too!! Guess I was built for cheapness!!! I got my son a pair a couple years ago and he actually wore them so much he wore a hole through the sole!!! Never thought that was possible!!! Now he has another pair that I got him!! Ugly, yes—but I was built for comfort not speed!!!

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