How to Use Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page Punches

Spiderweb Edge & Corner Punches (front left), Drippy Goo Edge Punch (back left), Snow Flurry Edge & Corner Punches (front right), Loop Corner Punch (back right).  I don’t think they make a Drippy Goo Corner punch.  Still waiting for my Loop Edge to be delivered.

Do You Want to Know how to Use Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page Punches? You might think that it should be easy, but there is a trick to it!

Watch this Martha Stewart Crafts Video on You Tube


This Video is no longer available. Sad. Not cool, Martha.

Maybe you didn’t catch the quick mention of some necessary info in that video...here’s the trick to using the corner and the long punch together…and you can’t do it correctly without knowing this!

Wow, good thinking Martha…leaving THIS info out of the packages!  Grrr….

PDF Punch Around the Page Directions

Here’s a link to my last Martha rant about the Drippy Goo punch: Drippy Goo & Other Punches I’ll Throw at Martha

Go Punch Something!!  LOL…I couldn’t help myself.

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