Martha Stewart Drippy Goo & Other Punches I’ll Throw at Martha…

I know Martha’s been to prison, but I think I could take her in a fight.  I’m a red belt in Choi Kwang Do and I remember reading that during her “prison stay” she participated and lost a prison decorating contest.  I kid you not.  So, I’m thinking that she didn’t pick up a lot of fighting skills there and wouldn’t have time to fashion an attractive decoupaged shiv before I lay her out.

Why You Hatin’ on Martha Stewart?

Well, here’s why.  I’m an idiot and it’s all her fault.

See this?!

Yeah.  I had to have it.  I thought I’d won the lottery when I found it in Michael’s the other day.  They have been very HTF!! (ok, hard to find)  So, when I found it, I snapped it up and PAID FULL PRICE.  Grrr.  So, I get it home and I have all these plans about the bloody, drippy goo look I’m going to have on stuff I haven’t even planned to make yet.  (I heart the horror genre AND Halloween.)  I’m sooo excited to have this punch.

Then I get it home and out of the box.  See this?

So, I’m like…”Oh man!  It’s a corner punch!!  Shoot!!  Why do I need to just do corners?!  Grrr!!  I thought I was buying a full sized punch.  Oh, the humanity!!!”

Then I started thinking about how I found it on an end cap with all the corner punches and that the full sized punches were on the aisle all opened and flat, hanging together.

I feel like a moron.

So, I decide to Return it to Michael’s…

But not before Buying a Full Sized Drippy Goo Punch Online…

(I thought I was insanely lucky to find a vendor who had one in stock!!)

Then I decide to Keep the Michael’s Punch…

Because I’ll now have the full sized straight one, right?!  I should be able to do corners too! 😀  And I already have it…right here!  How FORTUNATE.

Then I realize something…

I think you’re seeing what I saw … this is what I call a “Duh” moment.

You see … THIS …



So now…

I have 2 Drippy Goo full punches AND NO CORNER PUNCH!  You know what I’d like to punch…Martha Stewart right in the head.  Like she isn’t already this crafting maven…I need to be humiliated in my own home?!!  Over a punch?  Now, you might suggest that I could have looked at the box a bit more closely.  That it’s obvious to anyone who crafts or can read.  And to you I say…I hope your belt level is higher than mine 😉 or you can quickly fashion a decoupaged shiv.  LOL

If you turn your Martha Stewart Punch just right…it looks just like an Ice Skater!! 😀


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  1. I loved reading your commentary on the punch. I was laughing hard. Are you interested in selling one?
    Think about it.

    1. Thanks Sandy! Glad I could make you laugh. 😀 I was laughing pretty hard at myself when I realized what I had done. I actually was able to return the one punch I bought at Michael’s, but you should really give this site a try. Made from That’s where I bought drippy goo punch #2. I received my items quickly and got exactly what I ordered. Yay!
      Have a great day!

  2. Joy…too funny you made my day!…so now I know I’m not the only one that does stuff like that……..
    Love your site! keep up the good work.
    Just some info I bought the drippy goo punch too and I used it all Christmas on Christmas cards that I made as icicles, I used glitter white paper and punched out long strips then used a glue runner to attach it to the top of some of my really cute it can be used for two seasons… got my moneys worth! Marion:)

    1. Marion, thanks for the sweet comments! I love it when my writing is funny to someone. 😀 That’s a great idea about using the drippy goo punch for icicles. I really need to use mine more. Your cards sound so cute!! Thanks for posting!! 😀

  3. LMAO !!
    oh THANKS for the coffee that I almost shot through my nostrils while reading !!


    1. Hee hee hee! I’m glad you got a kick out of it RNR Angel! What higher compliment can I get than you almost shot coffee through your nose? Now that’s high praise. 😀

  4. No fear, I just did this yesterday!!!!
    Except someone else pointed it out to me…. when I tried returning it…

  5. LOVE it! I wish all of the border punches folded like this! They’re so much more portable & store more nicely as well. What is up w/Martha for making our lives difficult w/2 types of border punches? Grr!

  6. You are too funny! I had similar “trouble” with my MS punch. I hated the fact that I had to read the instructions, okay, it was only one instruction but still. This is crafting we are talking about!

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