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Cricut Cupid on China Plate & Blade Settings for Love Struck

This cut turned out so well I decided to display it in my china cabinet.

Well, yesterday I spent HOURS trying to figure out how to get the Love Struck cartridge to cut out these complicated cuts without messing them up.  Finally, I figured out settings that worked on this K & Co. Smitten Specialty Paper that I was using.  It also worked well on glitter paper.  YAY!

Here are the Settings the Worked for Me:

Using the Regular Blade I set the Speed to 2, Pressure 3, Blade at 6 and Multi Cut to 2.  This worked well on the paper I used and on glitter cardstock.

And Then I…

Well, I couldn’t decide what to do with the cupid after I got him all cut out.  He was so pretty I wanted to show him off, but the detail only really showed up against white.  Ah ha!!  I was sure I had a white plate somewhere!  I did!  Plus, I hit the mother lode.  I found a stack of plain glass plates in the bottom of my china cabinet.  I totally forgot I had those!  I’m so going to glass etch myself silly really soon. 😀

I attached the cupid with pop dots!  Hee hee hee.  Hey, it worked. 😉

Here he is when the reflection isn’t showing all those little hearts:

If I get a chance, I’m going to makeover my whole china cabinet with different Cricut cuts!

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  1. Wow that is an intricate cut!! Super cute too. Why are the hearts all shiny? is that something on the paper?

  2. cbeautifullone says:

    Joy you are so talented. The things that you create with your cricut are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these beautiful creations with us. Especially the newbies.

  3. If I manage to get to etching this year, I want to make a vase with a bride and groom on it with my daughter’s name and her soon to me husband with the date of the wedding on it. I think that it would be a very nice addition to their new home. Why should I pay for it to be done when I can do it my self. Any help it that dept will be appreciated.

  4. mother_monkee says:

    Joy, I am sorry that this has nothing to do with your post, (Which is lovely, by the way.) My husband keeps asking what I want for my b-day (4 more days.) and I “THINK” I want a cuttlebug so I can emboss. Have you used it? I remember reading that you had a Big Shot, are they the same? I have search the web a bit but haven’t gone in depth. I just wanted to get an opinion from someone crafty. Thanks so much for your time! -Roxann

    1. Hey Roxann,
      I’m going to do a video about the Big Shot really soon. In the meantime…what I like about it is that you can use Cuttlebug, Sizzix, Spellbinders, many die cuts (check the sizes, all of the smaller ones I’ve used have worked) and all kinds of material in the Big Shot. It does everything the Cuttlebug can do and more. One big difference…portability. The Big Shot is heavy and I would not want to carry it to a crop. Frankly, I don’t like taking it out of the shelf I keep it in and to the table and back. That said, I will be buying a Cuttlebug from HSN on Feb 28 (I think that’s the date) when they debut the new red one (that matches my red Cricut 😉 ). I wanted to be able to do videos that utilize the Cuttlebug sometimes, since so many people have that one. I bet I’ll really enjoy how much more portable it is! I think you’ll be happy with your Cuttlebug and/or Big Shot purchase. If you do want to wait until Feb 28, I think that there will be embossing folders included in the HSN offering. BTW, there is also an electric Big Shot available now! 😉

  5. Mother_Monkey
    I have the cuttlebug and it is great for embossing. Cricut sells a large variety of folders for the machine. You can take a normal cut item, and pop it into the folder, run it through the machine and Bingo.,,,,,you have a nice embossed item. You can also emboss invitations, coupons so others can’t duplicate them {did that for my daughter that sells Mary Kay}
    Each different machine has a different purpose. I have a Wizard- for spell binders, A cuttle bug for my provcraft items, and just bought a Big Shot for my Sizzix stuff. Each machine does something a little different and I can’t choose which one I like best. For embossing with folders……The cuttlebug wins hands down……for intricate designs, the wizard, And I love the Big Shot for cute and quick cards……..LOL that is what I cut out designs for my grand daughters to make cards for family with. Why, I have to make everything in 3’s so there is no fighting as to what they want to use….. usually they all want to do the same thing. When I set up the Cricut to cut with them, I am forever cutting out things as they all want something different and in a different size. I hope I have helped a little bit.

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