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Back to School and It’s Senior Year

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of  TruMoo Milk for  IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today my boys had their “meet the teachers” day at school.  Now, I have a daughter in college, a son becoming a sophomore in high school and my oldest son, becoming a senior. It’s amazing how quickly it goes.

Back to School and It's Senior Year @TruMoo #TruMoo #ad

Senior year is a strange time.  It starts the same as all of the other years but it ends up quite differently.  It’s an emotional time, not just for the child but for the parents, at least that’s been my experience.  It’s so weird because you spend all this time raising a child to become competent and confident and to go off and fulfill their dreams…and then they are…and they do…and it’s hard…to be a parent.


It’s also a time full of new things and a new focus on everyday things, like a simple meal together.


I’ve always been a fan of pancakes, so that’s something that I’ve made for my kids a lot over the years.  I like that I can make them and serve them right away or freeze them and serve them later.  Their flexibility means that breakfast can be enjoyed together no matter how late your teenager sleeps or how crazy the schedule gets.  I like that.  Plus, they’re delicious.  Everyone likes that.

Back to School and It's Senior Year @TruMoo #TruMoo #ad

I have a lengthy pancake recipe that I like to use when I have the time but today I simply used a pancake mix.  To make it extra special, I added TruMoo chocolate milk to the batter.  Next, I added a 1/2 a cup of mini chocolate chips.  After I added that many, I thought I’d overdone it and made a mental note to tell you to use 1/4 cups instead, but it turned out great.  So, you be the judge.


TruMoo chocolate milk added a delicious, subtle chocolate flavor to the batter.  Perfect.

No matter the age of my kids, I prefer to serve TruMoo over other chocolate milks.  The flavor is fantastic.  It’s always from a local source and has no artificial growth hormones or high fructose corn syrup.

For product information and availability, visit TruMoo online.


As senior and sophomore year begin, I remind myself that it’s the moments that we have now that matter.  While I worry some about what will be, I’m reminded that my oldest child, who goes to college in another state, still comes home to visit as often as she can…with laundry in tow and a menu on her mind.

Enjoy the Moments!

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  1. Those pancakes look very good. Just out of curiosity, how much of the Trumoo did you add to the pancake mix?

    1. Hi Kayla,
      I’m trying to remember but I think I used 3/4 of a cup of TruMoo in the recipe. 🙂

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