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Cricut Lite Varsity Letter Auburn Tiger Car Vinyl

It pains me to post this because I am an Alabama Football fan.  The football rivalry between Alabama and Auburn Universities is legendary.  My brother who must have been dropped on his head is an Auburn fan and to my great shame graduated from Auburn as well.  Due to my love for my brother and his wife, I used some tiger themed vinyl samples and made an AU (Auburn University) for my sweet bro and SIL to put on their car.  That’s love, I tell ya! 😉

Regardless about my feelings for tiger pawed teams, this vinyl ROCKS!!  Guess what Alabama fans?  You can find houndstooth vinyl too.  Roll Tide Roll!!

I used my Gypsy along with my Cricut Expression 2 to cut the vinyl out.  The “A” and the “U” are from the Cricut Lite cartridge, Varsity Letter.  Here’s a link to another project where I used the Varsity Letter cartridge.

Because I am shipping these vinyl letters to my brother & SIL for application to their car, I covered the letters with transfer tape.  Now they will be able to peel off the backing and apply this to their car.

Would you like to know how to use vinyl with your Cricut?  I have a 2 Disc 3+ hour DVD called Cricut Vinylology that you will LOVE!  You can watch a short commercial about it on my products page and you can purchase it there as well.

Want to see more vinyl projects that I’ve shown here on Joy’s Life.com?  Click HERE.

Here are some Alabama Crimson Tide posts!! 😉

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  1. amandawoodau says:

    LOVE this!! WAR EAGLE! 🙂 My husband and I are Auburn grads as well! TFS!

  2. carboncopies says:

    You did a terrific job, as usual, Joy! Love the patterened vinyl…wish that their tiger striped vinyl came in purple and gold. 🙂

  3. You just might get swamped with Auburn fans today. Or should I say pounced on. 😉 I’m gonna show this to all my Auburn friends. War Eagle!

    Now to go order some Tiger Vinyl. (Don’t worry, I may be an Auburn fan/grad, but my sister is diehard Alabama. Lots of split families.)

  4. O-kaaaay you Auburn and Alabama fans…..if you take the houndstooth vinyl and shadow it with black and red vinyl it will be perfect for UGA fans! Thanks for enabling us, Joy! GOOOOOO DAWGS!

  5. Great Job!!!!!!!

  6. Looks really nice, EXCEPT it should have been the letter “C” for Clemson 🙂

  7. Roll Tide!! Greetings from a fellow Alabamian and Cricut lover! I must of missed it, because I didn’t know you from Bama. I have to say, I saw some houndstooth vinyl a while back, but I didn’t pick any up.

  8. Love the vinyl!!! Cant wait to use mines and come up with cool ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. It is great to have you back and I really hope you took enough time with your family.
    Great project especially as the letter mean nothing to me lol.
    Kim xXx

  10. CathyinMN says:

    Very fun vinyl patterns! I’m sure your brother and SIL will love your project. TFS!

  11. Thanks for SO many wonderful customers, comments and especially to Joy’sLife. Business has been AWESOME!….Yes, we have the Purple and Gold LSU’S Mentioned here, Yes we have Houndstooth Vinyl in Several sizes, and Yes we have Orange and White Clemson Paws! ( among others!)…Better go see if your team has something you can create a MASTERPIECE from.!!

    JFYI> this material is waterproof, outdoor proof, glossy and durably SCREEN PRINTED with BRIGHT colors. Works on Tumblers, Glasses, Dishes, Outdoor Ware, Buckets, any smooth surface + WE MAKE IT OURSELVES & WE SHIP FASSSSSSTTTT!. Thanks again Joy, talk to you when you get back.

  12. aubiegirl82 says:

    I just talked to Mike Gorman and he told me to go to your website…so that is why I am here…lol I love his vinyl..it is the BEST out there…he is an awesome guy too…so personable..glad you found him too…I love your stuff..

  13. Thanks, Joy, for another awesome project! I used the regular vinyl to decorate my truck for my daughter’s Senior Year Homecoming a few years back….(she used it in a parade)…I was lazy in removing the vinyl for a year or so and had no problems going through car washes or sitting in the sun…It did come off very easily when I did get around to removing some of the stuff…and I still have doggie paw prints (paper pups cart) on both sides of the truck bed quarter panels…(Helps me find my white truck in the parking lots – LOL!) You inspire all of us with your creativity! Love it!

  14. Knowing that you are a Bama Girl, I about fainted when I saw the AU on your blog. But, after you explanation, I got it. Even though I am BAMA through and through, I still thought it was cute. But I gotta have the houndstooth. RTR

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