Make the Cut Happy Halloween Sign Part 1

Here’s the first part of a Halloween Sign I’m making.  First, I used the Make the Cut software along with the “Zombie” font that I’d long ago downloaded to my computer and wrote out the words “Happy Halloween”.  One of the  best things about MTC is that it works with your Cricut, but doesn’t need cartridges!!  You can click HERE to try out a free full version of Make the Cut.

Next, I welded the letters together.  I tilted the word “Halloween” and welded both words.  MTC makes it easy to make a shadow, so I decided to make a shadow of the words.  After a few clicks (as seen below) I had a shadow!

TA DA!!!  That was fast.  I already have a shadow.  It took me longer to tell you about it than to have it created by Make the Cut.  LOL! 🙂

After doing a quick online search, I found this .svg image of a sack covered trick-or-treater.  I then imported that into Make the Cut, made a shadow and separated some of the tiny parts away from the solid ones.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how I use these images to create a Halloween sign! 😀

Have a Great Sunday!!

Don’t forget to enter the Damask Pumpkin Give Away!!

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  1. I have been wanting to get the MTC but am afraid this old woman won't be able to figure it out. Can't wait till tomorrow for Part 2.
  2. Your right MTC is so easy to use! I love it and your blog. Cant wait to see the rest of your project. I visite you daily to see whats new! Thanks, Cindy
  3. I have been trying to decide between MTC and SCAL. Not great with the cumputer so trying to find the easiest one to learn
  4. This looks like fun! Can't wait to see the finished project! I love coming to your blog every morning to see what your latest project is! Thanks for all your hard work! Jen
  5. I've been on the fence about MTC - if you already have DS, why would you need it? I do like your little ghostie thought!
  6. I am seriously enjoying your jokes. I have been texting them to my daughter and we've both been having a blast!. I thank you for your step-by-steps with MTC. I'm not too computer savvy, and you make it seem so "do-able". -Tanya thomfam at inreach dot com
  7. I don't have MTC but I do have Sure Cuts A Lot and can picture creating this there - looking forward to seeing more tomorrow! Deanne G dgutierez1@msn.com
  8. Like many others, I don't have MTC, but I've thought about it. I guess I'm just afraid that PC will do something that makes it not work with the machine. But I may just get it anyway...
  9. Hey Joy, I am blog rookie. This is actually my first time ever signing up to a Blog site. I just never have time.I am a mother of five beautiful children and well there you have the reason why I don't have time. I went on the net Friday to get an updated list of Cricut carts and I went to your site and I am hooked. I have been scrapbooking for over 15 years. I do not get to scrapbook as much as I would like to but when I do I like to know all the new items and what their function are. With your page I get what I want and a whole lot more. YAY! JOY! I named myself Joyfill because I will limit myself about 15 minutes a day so I will get my fill of Joy's ideas. lol Anyway I have a question what is the difference between SCAL and the one you use. I only own carts but I have friends who use SCAL I never looked into it, but now I am wondering since I have been reading your site. Well I gotta go the baby is pulling on my arm. It has been 15 min anyway ! lol See ya til tomorrow. JOYFILL
    1. Joyfill ;) , I love that you give me 15 minutes of your valuable time. I'm honored! Yes, 5 children could definitely keep you busy. ;) I have 3 and they keep me hopping pretty well, but what a blessing they are. :) I don't use SCAL so I can't give you an apples to apples comparison. However, I found SCAL too difficult to quickly learn without spending a lot of time figuring it out. When I tried Make the Cut, I was able to pick up some basic things right away, before I knew it I was making things. YAY! Overall, I think both programs are very similar. People who use SCAL love it and people who use MTC love it. It's almost like a Pepsi/Coke debate. ;) I suggest downloading a free trial version of each and deciding which works best for you. :) I know that's not a definitive answer, but I hope it helps some! See you tomorrow...for 15 minutes. ;) THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE! :D ~Joy~
  10. I have SCAL and downloaded the trial of MTC I may like MTC better- there are definite tools that I wish SCAL had. Hadn't played around enough yet. Joy where did u find the ghost? I would love to have that. I could make one with the Inkscape but if its out there already just makes sense. I love the tutorial- so detailed...
  11. Oops sorry I was going to answer another question I read here- I have DS too- but that is just for Cricut cartridges. With MTC or SCal the entire world opens up to what you can cut with your Cricut! I can cut infinite patterns- DS is limited to what Cricut tells you to cut! It's worth the money if you are some what savvy with programs.
  12. REEEEEALLY thinking I need MTC!!! Will have to go on my Christmas Wish List. I was away for the weekend (scrapin'!) and couldn't wait to get home and check out the new things you had done! I even gave your website to 3 or 4 people, so hopefully you'll have some new friends soon!!
  13. I'm so glad you are using MTC for your project. I have SCAL 1.0 and have gone back and forth about updating my SCAL 1.0 to SCAL 2.0 or getting MTC. Any thoughts?
    1. ShannonA, I really like MTC because it was easy for me to learn. SCAL wasn't as quick to pick up (for me) so I gave up on it early. Now, I must admit that I didn't read directions for either one, but that's what sold me on MTC. I didn't have to bury myself in directions to figure out a few basic things. YAY! As time went on I did go through a tutorial class that MTC offered and that helped too. Just imagine what I could do if I read the directions. LOL! ;) ~Joy~
  14. ShannonA - I upgraded to SCAL 2.0 and love it. You can do so much more. But like I said in another post MTC had some pretty cool features too that SCAL does not. Joy did you remember where you found the ghost I have been looking but can't find anything like it. Thanks.
  15. Hi! I feel really out of the loop here lol. What are you talking about the MTC and SCAL. I have the cricut expression and cuttlebug. Does this MTC or SCAL go w/cricut? What does it do? Do you have to hook it up to the computer? Oh please help me get up to speed. lol thanx ladies. Joy,I can't say enough about your site. I just love what you do. You are soooo creative..
    1. Hey Gayle-rn, Good questions about MTC and SCAL. ;) They each are software that work with the Cricut. You are able to use fonts and many images that you've downloaded to your computer. You create with the software, needing no cartridges. Then you plug your computer into your Cricut to cut. I know that's a basic explanation, but that's it in a nutshell. ;) If you click the Make the Cut link on the right hand side of my page you'll be able to download a free full trial version of MTC so you can see if you like it. You'll need to pay for it in order to cut without a line going through it, but you can still do some cuts to see if you like it. I hope that helps! ~Joy~
  16. Really need to download the trial and check it out. I think I would still buy all the darling carts but this has alot to offer. TFS
  17. Love the font. Thanks for sharing re. MTC. I started the hard way with Inkscape and the original SCAL, or so it seemed. SVG creation is so much easier now with the improvements.
  18. I love make the cut joy! thanks for sharing all your tips I didn't know you could make a shadow!
  19. MTC Rocks!! I love how easy it is to do stuff in this software! I wish DS was as good as this!
  20. I love MTC and the fact that I use Inkscape with it I get to have a entire new world open to me Thanks for these
  21. Love the ghostie! How do you buy MTC? Is it a disk I find at Joanns/Michales ? I don't want to go and ask for it and look like a goof! lol
  22. This is such a cute image. I'll have to browse more for these svg files. Gotta put my SCAL2 to work! spunkycrayon at yahoo dot com
  23. I have MTC, but have yet to use it. Don't know what I'm waiting for. Just a little afraid to try something new I guess.

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