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Cricut Expression 2 Vinyl Garbage Can Project Part 1

Oh my goodness.  I LOVE this bad little bear!  He is so cute!  However, I DID NOT LOVE whatever got into  my garbage this morning and drug it all over our front lawn.  THAT was GROSS.  Nevertheless, I decided to go ahead with my idea of decorating my craft room garbage can using my Cricut Expression 2 and vinyl.

I’m using the Give a Hoot Cricut cartridge.

This is the very first project I’ve done with my new CE2.  It performed very well for this project although, I didn’t stick with the vinyl settings programmed into the machine.  Nope.  They’re wrong!  The settings I talk about in my Cricut Vinylology DVD still work for the CE2.  YAY!

Guess what?  I’ve got some funky vinyl there.  The brown one is Fuzzy vinyl by Silhouette (look for flocked vinyl), the teal is regular Silhouette vinyl, the tan is Cricut vinyl and the silver?  Guess!!  Ok, I’ll tell  you…it’s silver Contact paper!

I really like that the CE2 shows you exactly where it’s going to cut.  NICE!

In my Cricut Vinylology DVD I teach you how to use vinyl (indoor, outdoor, fuzzy, heat transfer, chalkboard) as well as Contact paper.  So, yes.  You can use Contact paper as a vinyl substitute, but I do prefer real vinyl.  Just sayin’.

I cut these out at 9″.  Next I’ll layer these things so we’ll have some awesome dimension.  I always have an Exacto knife on hand when I am working with vinyl.  That’s what I used when I worked in a sign shop and I still do with my home and crafting use.  It’s super handy.

Here you can sort of see how that fuzzy vinyl really looks.  It looks…fuzzy. 😉  It feels fuzzy too.

BEFORE.  Ho hum.

AFTER.  The cutest garbage can in my whole craft room.  LOL! 😉

Here’s PART 2 of my Garbage Can project.

Want to learn how to GLASS ETCH using vinyl?  Make Vinyl t-shirts & gifts using Heat Transfer Vinyl?  Create layered vinyl projects and wall vinyl decor?  Check out my Cricut Vinylology DVD!  You’ll learn all that and MORE!

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  1. I’m so glad you are doing this series! I am in the midst of creating vinyl projects for our home and our gr-daughter’s room. In fact, I am doing a small trashcan for her room with flowers and birds. For our clear storm door, I have welded our initial inside a lacey oval – it’s just enough so that light still comes in but it will keep someone from being able to see straight in the room at night.

    I have a question for you. I have your Vinylology DVD – lots of great info there – thanks by the way – but I was wondering: If you want to make something larger than 24″ how do you do it? I’d like to make a tree several feet high and I do have Design Studio. Is this something that you have done before? I guess I can google it but thought I would ask the Guru of Vinylololgy first and get the right answer!

  2. OMG, Joy, that is just toooooo cute. I’ve had an idea, for a lonnnnnng time that I wanted to jazz up my “basket” w/, but never got around to it. (you know how that TUIT can go missing!?) 🙂

    Anyway, I’m going to ditch that ol’ idea and totally scraplift yours. LOVE it!!!!! TFS! 😉

  3. I think that is adorable. I saw something similiar before. I just got a new trash can for my craft space and may have to invest in some vinyl so that I can jazz up mine.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Joy,That is so cute! Love it,I got a white trash can in my scraproom,It’s on my list to decorate it! Great Ideas!! Joy

  5. That is super cute, although I have to say I would prefer if the bear was Oscar the Grouch. LOL

    TFS, Becki

  6. Great projects, design team!
    Thanks for sharing !
    happiqueen at aol.com

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