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Cricut Bump in the Night Monster Bookmark

Let’s bookmark this occasion!

Let’s make a funny bookmark!  I’m using the Cricut Bump in the Night cartridge along with some popsicle sticks, paper and Joy’s Life Halloween Puns stamps.

I thought it would be fun to make a little monster bookmark.  I cut this monster at 3″.

Halloween Puns and popsicle sticks!

Using Tsukineko Onyx Black ink,I stamped directly onto a popsicle stick.  It works great!  Did you see the post where I did that and actually made popsicles?  Check it out here!

This cartridge is really cute and fun.  It’s also very easy to assemble.  It just took a few layers to create this little guy.  Making a bookmark of this size allowed me to use up some scrap pieces that I had in my stash.  I love it when I get to use up some of those leftover pieces!

Currently, I’m reading a book by Tess Gerritsen and Charlaine Harris’ current book.  However, I grabbed this fun summer read for the photos.  It’s the Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella.

Top of the bookmark to ya!

Need some fun stamps?  All Joy’s Life stamps are shipping free for a limited time.

These bookmarks are fun to use and easy to make!

Happy Reading AND Happy Crafting!

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  1. dolphin6859 says:

    Super cute

  2. brwneyes46 says:

    these are sooo cute! great idea! thanks for sharing

  3. Krafty Kim says:

    You always have such cute ideas! I’ll have to make some for my son’s classmates for Halloween. And, of course I’ll need that cartridge and those stamps! One more set for my wish list!

    And here’s another Halloween joke for you: What did the ghost call his mom and dad? His transparents!

    1. Krafty Kim,
      You made me LOL at “transparents”!! Great joke!!
      Super hugs,

  4. I have got to run to the store and get some sticks, they will be great for my daughters class. So cute, I just love them!

  5. great video on the maraca bookmark. I noticed you were having some difficulty putting it in the book. You need only wrap it around one page…the one you want to mark. That way the bookmark is not distorted.

    BTW, I love your videos. You show us that one doesn’t have to be immaculate when crafting.

  6. scrapper69 says:

    Soooo CUTE! I Like the idea of making monster book marks for my sons classroom… I guess I better get started or I’l never get them done! 🙂 Thanks for the idea Joy!


  7. lifesabeach32940 says:

    Joy ~

    Your bookmarks are fantastic!! 🙂

    I was wondering. Did you simply adhere your monster to the top of the stick or do you adhere the stick between the layers?

    Thanks for your help!!


  8. I am so making these..would be great little gifts to add to a basket!

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