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Embossed Metal Cri-Kits Halloween Sign

I used the Cri-Kits embosser and metal along with the Happy Hauntings Cricut cartridge to create this Halloween sign.  The whole sign is at the end of this post.  😉  If you look at my video from 2 days ago, you’ll see how to use the Cri-Kits embosser.

Here are the things that I used:

Those Tim Holtz Tonic scissors do a GREAT JOB cutting metal and all kinds of other things.  I bought that photo frame at WalMart for about $3. 😉  I’ve just about worn out that Happy Hauntings cartridge this season.  LOL!  I love the purple Cri-kits metal.  Purple is one of my favorite colors.

Here’s the Cri-Kits embossing tool doing it’s job on the metal.  What I’ve done here is lay the purple side down and used the FLIP button on my Cricut Expression.  I’ve done that because I wanted to have the raised “Spooky” word on the purple side so I can sand it.  You’ll see that next.

Isn’t that COOL?!  Next I used that sanding tool to distress the metal and really bring out the word “Spooky”.

I  used my Gypsy to help me place exactly where I wanted the metal to be embossed.  The Gypsy was really important here because I first embossed the inside of the bat and then needed the Cricut to go back and line up perfectly to emboss the outside of the bat.  The Gypsy is the perfect tool for that. 🙂

Pretty nice!  Uh…I mean really creepy and spooky. 😉

Awww MAN!!!  I cut all 3 of the metal sheets too short.  Oh well.

The “spooky” panel doesn’t show it as much, but you can really tell on the orange metal.  Wait!  I know just what I’ll do.  I’ll stick a bow on it and people won’t notice because they’ll be distracted.  LOL!  (No, that doesn’t work entirely.)  Let me suggest the old adage, “Measure twice, cut once.”  Not my saying, “Cut cut cut until it looks right and then shout loudly at people when they get too close so they don’t notice your mistakes.”  I think my saying will totally catch on.

I hope you have a fun Halloween weekend!



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  1. Your project is great! I would love to try to do some embossing on colored metal. It looks like there is unlimited potential there. TFS!

  2. This is such a great project! I have the Cri-Kits embossing set and I have not even used it (gasp!!) I really need to find the time to try it out!!
    Thanks, Joy.

  3. love this look. interseting material. gotta go shopping so i can play. ty for all ur wonderful ideas

  4. Joy…do you think this embossing tool works any better then taking the cutting blade and turning it over (to use the non-cutting end of the blade) to use as an embossing tool? I like the look of the embossing you did with the tool but I am not sure whether I would emboss enough to warrant purchasing the tool or just doing the flip of the blade trick. Your honest answer would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Cheri

    1. Psychett03,
      Honest answer…coming up! Ok, what I really think is that the blade upside down works very well. However, I started having concerns about the blade damaging the blade housing after reading some concerns that others had about doing that. A lot of people were really convinced that the blade would do some kinds of damage to the housing, but it had not been a concern of mine. I’m still not sure if that is true or not, but when I started to think about the costs of housings and the fact that you can’t find the regular metal one anymore, just the plastic ones, I thought that having a housing specifically for embossing might be better. That way no one has to worry about it. My favorite Cri-Kits products are the pens and the holder that works for the embossing tool also holds the pens, so that’s really nice. An additional thing about the Cri-Kits embosser as compared to just flipping the blade is that they have both a narrow embossing end and a wider flatter one. I would definitely buy the pens and the holder if I didn’t already have them and I’d probably go ahead and buy the embosser since I would already have the holder for the pens. That is my honest opinion. 😉

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