Flower Pot Card Using the Silhouette SD

I broke my no glitter rule and I have to say…it didn’t turn out well.  LOL!
I’m back to Stickles glitter glue now.  😀

I LOVE flower pot cards, but this is the first one I’ve ever made.  Although there are ways to make this without a downloaded template, templates are the way to go for me! 😉  I needed to make a quick, cute card and this easy downloaded template from Silhouette fit the bill.  Do you NEED the “How’s it Growing?” sentiment and brackets?  It’s part of my Barnyard Puns stamp set!  You can order it on my Products page.

I downloaded this template for .99 from the Silhouette site.  Simple, cheap and fast.  YAY!  The Silhouette can cut score lines which makes it so easy to know where and what to bend.  I actually broke this template into several pieces so I could more easily use different pieces of paper.

Here’s the Silhouette SD.  You can cut with the lid opened or closed.  It has two kinds of mats.  One is for thick materials and one is for thin ones.  Both are clear like this one.

Time to glue everything!  I used Zip Dry Paper Glue and pop dots for some of the things.  My ATG was used to strongly adhere the sides of the card.  I stuck a gift card in the back of the card as well, so I needed it to stay together.  The ATG provides a very strong bond at least with the tape I’m using.

I’m inking away here.  I tend to stick to the Fluid Chalk Cat’s Eye Inkpad when inking the edges of things.  I like that they are easy to manipulate.  The colors are nice too.  I’ve gone through many of the Chestnut Roan colors.  I love that one.  The other one shown is Olive Pastel.  I used it to ink the green paper.  Fat pop dots give the centers of the flowers depth.

Here it is all closed up.

I agree.  The glitter was a mistake.  Oh well. 😛

Here it is opened!

You can get your Barnyard Pun Stamps on my Products page or by clicking the image below. 🙂

I hope you have a HAPPY DAY!


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  1. Suni Brandt says:

    It is very cute, but it looks like a heavy glitter…i use fine or super fine or even a glue pen …i get better results…hag8d Joy!!!

  2. Good morning Joy, I hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day! Glitter or no glitter, that is still a cute card. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful Monday!


  3. love this idea, I will have to see if I can make without the template
    upnurse at aol dot com

  4. What a neat idea. Thanks for sharing

  5. What a cute card! How do you like the Silhouette SD and the other cutters you purchased? Which one is your favorite? How are they working with the MTC software? – – I really love my cricut and could never part with it, but I like the fact that MTC gives you all types of possiblities. – – Thanks for sharing such an adorable idea!

  6. Joydee1963 says:

    Joy,Cute Idea! Just got some Fluid Chalk Cat’s Eye Inkpad last week,They are great! Joy

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