What’s a Stickle, You Ask? Stickles Are…

Here are my Stickles in a Dollar Store Vase that I plan to Glass Etch


Stickles are a GREAT glitter glue that you can use to embellish your cards, scrapbook pages, other embellishments and stuff I haven’t even thought of yet.  Stickles are NOT like just any ‘ole glitter glue.  The bottles are made with a narrow point for doing detail work and they almost NEVER glop onto the paper.  Sometimes you might get a little air bubble and it might glop a bit, but nothing serious.  The colors are vivid and the color variety is vast.  You should get some and just try them out.  My most used color is “diamond” which isn’t much of an actual color at all, it’s mostly clear with a tad of shimmer.  LOVE IT.  That’s why you’ll see it at the top of the vase there with “use now” written on it.  I had to distinguish it from the other 2 diamond bottles that I bought in a panic because I thought I would run out.  Well, they were hard to find…at the time.

You can learn about the different kinds of Stickles on this post: Stickles Distress, Glitz and Regular Compared

Speaking of “hard to find”…

Initially, I found a Stickles 3 pack at one of the big hobby stores, but when I went back later (when I freaked out about being almost out of diamond) there were none.  Not only were there none, but it was like there never had been any there.  That led me to freak out and wonder where I’d been when I bought them…and I went through this whole thing where I thought I was losing my mind.  LOL  Moving on…

I’ve since comprised this list of places to find them:
Archiver’s sells them individually! (now out of business…sad)
Hobby Lobby has a few in sets of 3.
Some have found them in Michael’s in the paint section.
Amazon has them and many with FREE SHIP for Prime members.
I buy hard to find ones on eBay.

Enjoy Stickling things!!

I used them on the Spongebob Card I made and on this Beer Mug I created using Design Studio:

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  1. So, those are adorable! I must get me some. Where is the textured paper from?

    BTW – it’s daneandjami from FFD 🙂

    1. Oh, they are sooo much fun!! About the paper…I did it myself with my Big Shot. It’s just embossed. 🙂

  2. Hey Joy did you see the ones at http://www.ohmycrafts.com/search.aspx?find=stickles
    ???? Is that a good price? They normally have coupons too! I’ve only bought them once at Hobby Lobby for the 3 pack and I can’t remember how much they were. Oh and I think the Stickles look great in that vase!

    1. I think that IS a good price at OMC. I’ve seen them at Archiver’s for around $2. I wouldn’t pay more than that, unless I just had to have a particular color at that moment. They seem to run just under $2 everywhere. With a coupon, I’d go with OMC, unless shipping was unreasonable. Plus, ordering is just soooo much easier!! Hey, if you’re a PRIME member with Amazon, that can be a deal. Click the Amazon link I have and you’ll go right to the Stickles. 🙂 I heart Internet shopping!!
      Thanks!! I like the vase look too! It gets them up off of anything they might leak on AND they look pretty. Awww… 🙂

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  4. Love your frothy beer. Stickles are great and fun to play with. I only have a few onhand so far but would like to get a few more colors to play with. I love the vase idea for storing them.

    1. Thank you!! Stickles are addictive! 😉

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  6. I love stickles! ABC distributing has had sets of them in the last two catalogs. pg 399.
    The Holiday Set or the All Occasion Set. The sets go for $7.95.
    The Holiday Set includes: Green, Starry Night, Orange Peel, Xmas Red, Gold, Lime Green, Black Diamond and Icicle.

    The All Occasion Set includes: Black Diamond, Crystal, Yellow, Silver, Cotton Candy, Waterfall, Xmas Red and Gold.
    Needless to say I bought both sets. I don’t mind the overlap.
    Hope this helps the stickle lovers out there.

  7. Donna Mae says:

    I am just new into paper crafting, and am delighted to have found your site. I recently purchased a Gypsy, and want to spend all of my time playing with it. It is addictive! If you have some card ideas for using “Wild Card”, could you point me to them?

  8. SarahEliza19 says:

    I am still fairly new to paper crafting, and I can totally see where it can become addictive (bought 13 cartridges in the last week!) and I am looking for a support group:)
    I have found that I love Stickles too! I found them for a $1 each at Michaels, and 8pks on clearence at LTDCommodities.com for $5.95!
    I can see that I will be battling my willpower again!
    Thanks Joy! I love your site!!

  9. Thanks Joy! I keep seeing stuff where people are RAVING about Stickles and I’ve wondered “what’s the big who-ha over this stuff?”…….now, I think I understand and have added Diamond to my (never ending) shopping list.

    I love coming to your site DAILY to learn new stuff!

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